Finally, Spring is really springing where I am right now! 65 degrees, warm breezses, flowers, green leaves, and the desire to get out every second and move is when I know that my favorite times of year is beginning (because Spring means SUMMER IS COMING!).

When the beauteous sun shines from a blue sky, I want to be in it. All. The. Time. (ps– I don’t sunburn. Well, ok, I have sunburned a couple of times in my life, on my shoulders. Mildly.)

When this urge hits, I bike, walk, run, roller blade– whatever strikes my fancy that day! I play with my rats, take Vinny outside, and I crave lots of nuts to fuel me with minimal bulk (recently figured that one out!). When it’s nice out, I daydream of the adventures and works that I have confidence will one day become a reality.

When the sun is out, I have confidence in myself. I feel like I know my purpose in life and like I can truly be in control of myself and my future. Like I can actually feel good about myself!

That right there is the magical effect that lovely weather has on me. My latest day-dream has been my plotting of how I can live abroad in France 🙂 I’m also watching and contemplating Julia Child (I worked a bit on the GED studying, too)! (“Butter!” LOL!).

What happens to you when the weather is nice?

When the sun is shining, I feel plain good.

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One Response to Springing…

  1. Sunny weather definitely puts a smile on my face 😀 I think I suffer from a bit of seasonal depression, because I always find myself in a funk in January/February and it doesn’t start clearing up until the sun starts coming out. But there’s just nothing like some good weather to really make you feel alive and motivated to get out there and live your life – makes everything seem a lot more possible 🙂 That, and it’s nice to be able to go outside without having to put on like 5 layers so you don’t freeze.

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