Study Stocked and Stoked

Today, I walked the three blocks to my wonderful local the library to pick up some books for studying.


Yes, I am still unschooled. Curriculums are not going to find there way into my life ever again.


I have decided that I should should get my GED early and forgo the whole “Yeah I’m a highschooler, but I’m homeschool”. Instead I’ll be able to skip the homeschool bit and just be able to say my age– and when I get a weird look, I will be able to add “I got my GED when I was fifteen”. (And be able to smirk inside. Sorry, but I would.)

I picked up:

Why would anyone go to highschool when everything they want you to know is in one book?

This will definitely not be the funnest task (yes, I know that’s not a word. No, I don’t care. I can ace this test even if I do make up words!). Luckily, the weather is looking like it’s going to be consistently nice for a few days, so I may take my book to a park. Or cuddle up with a rat :D.

While at the library, I also got some other mandatory (wink, wink) study material:

You mean you didn’t study Julia Child in high school? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I watched an episode off of the cooking dvd and Mrs. Child is hysterical! Or maybe I’m just tuned into food humor… but I want to snort with laughter every time she says “butter”. Which, by the way, is a lot.

Although I do have some qualms with her extensive use of animal products, I find Julia so inspiring– in that she found her true calling, and answered it! And in doing so, inspired millions of people and set the foundation for cooking today. If that doesn’t make you feel hopeful, I don’t know what will.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll start the true GED studying. Wish me luck!

And GED tips?

How close to you is the nearest library?

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3 Responses to Study Stocked and Stoked

  1. Haha! I definitely agree that cooking books are necessary study materials, and Julia is hilarious to watch too. Love her.

    GED’s? Hmm.. It’s been forever since I took mine, but I’d say just make sure you know all the different parts that are gonna be on the test and do some practice ones. That book looks like it’ll be really useful ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My nearest lib is about…..10 minutes away by car, so perhaps 6 or 7 miles to walk?
    Julia Child went to my college but ashamedly, I know nothing about her other than where she lived on campus. Our school has an event called Julia Child Day each year with gourmet foods all over campus in each dining room. So much fun!! I was homeschooled for awhile too, I miss it.

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