My very first What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW)
and What the Rat Ate Wednesday (WTRAW).

I have mixed feelings about posting a Wednesday “food diary” of sorts. I know first hand what the comparison trap does, and having struggled with disordered eating, I know seeing the quantities that others eat can make you feel inadequate. I know that I have at least a few readers who have had (or have) similar issues to my own. I would like to hear from you about what you think about me doing WIAW.

As for myself, I am learning to look out of curiosity at others eats and not for comparison. That’s not to say that I don’t still often think “crap, I eat WAAYY more than that!“. But though a part of me freaks out that it takes soo much food to satisfy me, another part (an ever-growing one) is a bit proud, too :). 

Please– I need feedback on this!

But we’ll get to the food and my day, shall we?

6:15 am– woke up. (wished I could have woken up at 5:30 instead!)

7:00 am– Pre-breakfast food (I get up early and family breakfast isn’t until 10 am).

Apple slices (1/2 small apple), and steamed potato and scoop of leftover “vegan risotto” rice from night before. I cut up two potatoes and steamed them (favorite food!)– put half in my bowl and saved the rest to eat later.

Accompanied by stevia sweetened cocoa :)– my version of a “cup of joe”.

I got a random craving to run this morning.  Therefore I laced my shoes up and set out at about ten to nine– I jogged/walked to the park nearby, did handstands and cartwheels on the dew soaked grass (fun!), and came home by 9:30 am to make breakfast for the family.

10:00 am: Family breakfast!

Big bowl (about 2 cups?) cream of kasha topped with almond milk foam, cashews, ground flax, and a few apple chunks and raisins.

UNPICTURED: rest of my two steamed potatoes from earlier, another cup of stevia cocoa.

The rat ate:

The baby rats got spayed today (finally their congestion cleared up!), and they stay overnight, so it was just Vinny to feed. Problem is, I kept putting way too much in his bowl since I forget that it is Twiggy and Robin weren’t there!

Insert here: blog reading, internet paraphernalia, and then errand running (on my bike– thrift shopping, bank, and our garden plot at the community garden to water and harvest greens.

1:45ish: I came home for a lunch of:

Lettuce and kale base with fresh corn, apple, lots of pickle, shredded carrot, a few big spoonfuls of black beans. When I reached near the bottom of the bowl (you know, when there is only greens left and no toppings?) I sprinkled almonds and raisins in to make it more appealing to finish!

Spent the afternoon reading magazines from the library with Vinny outside, on a blanket on the lawn! Then my parents and I walked a few blocks to the local farmers market (while I sipped on some more stevia cocoa in my thermos with my glass straw :). I have been loving that stuff today!). The market just started today!

4:30– got home and made a snack to wait for dinner:

Chickpea flour pancake with home-canned blackberry agave jam.

6:30– my mommy calls us up dinner!

Big salad (again!) with green goddess dressing (split peas give it the green!) and fresh made gluten-free bread.

UNPICTURED: blackberry jam and lemon mint syrup (my sister bought it from the market) on bread, plus an extra bit of both dressing and bread.

The rat had a mini version of that :).

I gave him fresh corn for the first time today. He loved it! (BTW, that is my hand, not my foot. Just realized it looks like toes).

Feedback on What I Ate Wednesdays, please!

ps: just noticed there wasn’t as much nut and nut butter action going on today. Weird! I normally have a ton of the stuff! I guess I was just really loving the salads today.

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6 Responses to WIAW and WTRAW

  1. oh yay i love ur eats girl!!!! does ur fam have breakfast everyday together?!

  2. I love WIAW’s, but I definitely agree that it can be a little upsetting to see some people eating SO little. It used to bug me a lot more that I seemed to need so much more food than other people, but now I just kind of feel sorry for them…. I felt like crap when I ate like a bird, so it’s not something I want to go back to.

  3. I understand how you feel. I’m struggling with this myself and thought a lot about it before I participated. It is so nice to eat with your family, keep it up, it creates love!
    As I’m eating more, I find that I’m happier and want to share it with others. It makes me feel like I can eat more when I see others eat more so WIAW often helps me!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Ugh I want all of your food. It looks so good! I ran out of carrots yesterday and I don’t have any baby greens either, but I really want salad with carrots and baby greens and all I have is kale. I don’t have any apples left either and it’s been way too long since I’ve had corn. Your food looks so so so good to me, especially right now.

    • VEGirl says:

      Haha we were out of all that stuff until I rode by bike the twenty round-trip to the health food store for them last week! It can sometimes be a drag that our only natural food store in the area is ten miles away :(. The things I will do for veggies!

  5. Molly says:

    I really like this! It inspires me to continue to put whole foods in my body!

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