This is Me

I love my rats. They are the kindling that fuels the fire in my soul and I want to share that love.

I enjoy simple, healthful foods. I enjoy taking those foods and thinking up creative ways to make them not what they seem.

I love bicycling. I don’t have a workout log or plan.

I enjoy smooth and creamy foods– and eating them with a baby spoon (the only spoon I can condone using!). Chewing doesn’t particularly appeal to me.


I am NOT a fashionista. I’m a thrift-store-ista!


I a DIY-er (do it yourself-er). When it comes to food and personal items, convenience isn’t something I put high on my list. I want to make it myself, not buy it!

I’m vegan– it’s a huge part of my life. I’m also gluten-free.

I have struggled with disordered eating, and I have my issues (boy, do I have my issues!). I AM NOT PERFECT.


I want to publish books about my passions– namely about rats and healthful, allergen-free cooking.

I wanted to write a blog to share my knowledge with the world. I shouldn’t be afraid to share it and make it true to myself!

So that was me, what about you?

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4 Responses to This is Me

  1. ahh I LOVE THIS POST!! work it girl- i love how strong and confident you are!

  2. Olivia says:

    I love love love love LOVE your post girlie!! I’m a huge DIY-er too and I love vegan and gluten free things (although I’m not entirely either of those) so happy to find your blog though! xoxo

  3. Eeek, you rat is SO cute! I used to have pet mice, so your little one really reminds me of them. 🙂

  4. I love baby spoons too 🙂

    It’s so cute that you have rats, compared to most bloggers that obsess over their dogs/cats. Rats are much more unique!

    – Nicole

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