My First Bikepacking Trip!

I’m baaaaack! What a wonderful, computer free weekend (apart form the achy fact of a recovering headache) I had! After that experience, I’ve decided to cut down my computer time dramatically daily—it is so freeing, allowing me to partake in other activates outside the digital world that I enjoy.


Speaking of other enjoyable activities; my bike was given a full facelift last week, and with an excellently functioning bike, I was finally able to test out my gear for bicycle touring on an overnight trip. I decided to ride, gear and all, to a campsite about 15 miles from my home. It was my first time camping on my own—simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying! It’s funny, I wish so much for full independence and the ability to make all my own decisions, and then I get nervous when I have the chance. It will take some getting used to, I suppose!

Here was my set-up:

 (After I cleaned up the tent considerably, just for y’all).

I would have included a picture of me, too, but I’ll spare you the hair sprouting from my scalp after a night of sleeping in a bag on the ground. Not pretty.

I was surprised at how close I was to having exactly everything I needed. Only next time I camp on my bike, I will need a big pair of warm socks—my feet were so cold in my sleeping bag, since I decided to omit a sleeping pad, in the interest of saving packing space. There were a few other tiny things I could subtract and add from my packing list, but I need not mention them here at the moment.

To eat, I took a bag of oats and a smaller bag of nuts. It was simple, but the lightest, densest food I could come up with. When I am really traveling on my bike someday (I hope!) I think I’ll stop at local markets to pick up other interesting foods, for variety.

Overall—wow, what a great experience! I was very tired after I came back from my trip, but an Easter fest was served soon after, which I happily indulged in. Youll hear all about our Easter food spread soon!

Do you enjoy camping?

I’ve always loved it— my family goes at least once every year in summer! I fondly remember the fires—the warmth, and pleasant smoky smell.

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