Taking the Weekend Off

Hey! Just popping in to say really quick that I’m going to be absent from blogging and the internet for a few days.

All my recent computer time worked it’s icky muscle-knotting magic, unfortunately, and yesterday I came down with a debilitating headache/migraine
(nasea, screaming; the works) that put me in bed, moaning, the whole day. And when I get bad enough headaches, any recent food… um… comes up, and makes stomaching anything difficult. Hopefully I’ll be able to eat today! Though I did manage to get some sleep, and the majority of the pain is gone, I’m still having phantom pains today and I think it would be best to take the weekend off the comuter, in which time I’ll practice better posture :).

I hope you guys understand! This weekend, I vow NOT to turn on my laptop, and I will listen to plenty of audio books and play with ratties :).  I am trying to finish this post as fast as possible, lest the pain return in full force.

PS: After my bike talk the other day, I decided to give my old bike a $200 face lift. I’m going to pick it up tomorrow– and I’m so excited to see what riding will be like from now on, now that many parts are being replaced!

See you soon!

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One Response to Taking the Weekend Off

  1. Christy says:

    Hope you get to feeling better real soon:)

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