Just an Average Day…

No, really, it was just an average day.*

..cleaning, doing a couple chores, hangin’ with the rats, and working on  my current ongoing ‘project’– which for weeks has been steadily de-cluttering and simplifying my bedroom. I was very inspired by the Zero-Waste family, spurred by their article in Sunset Magazine (which my grandma clipped and saved for me to read).

Actually, the whole family is motivated to shed the household items we no longer need, as we have officially found out that we are moving! We will be heading over to the state of Michigan in June. Yikes, only three months away!

This average day necessitated average clothes (which is my general fashion, so nothing new there):










Sweats with an Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt (a thrift store score form a couple days ago!), and some plastic golden bling. Please excuse the odd look on my face!

Other ordinary things in my day included plenty of extraordinary ratties, and of course some fresh greens from the garden. A sign that means Spring has arrived!

Aside from greens, other Spring signs have included sporadic hail storms, days of wind and rain storms, and then one or two pretty days of sunshine, only to have it snow that night.

I suppose that’s life for ya.

The above greens were pictured before being smothered in tamari soy sauce, nutritional yeast, and homemade peanut butter! Holy yum! For lunch, it was eaten alongside some leftover hot rice cereal and cooked split peas, a carrot with peanut butter, and some popcorn. Totally random– but that’s how I roll ;)!

* Please don’t confuse my term of ‘average’ with ‘boring’. It was not a boring day, and I hope to get to the point where each and every “ordinary day” is extraordinary!

Is Spring arriving where you all are as well? I am so excited! Although as soon as it gets hot here we’ll be moving. Eeks!

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4 Responses to Just an Average Day…

  1. I like your average day! Good luck on move, it is always exciting and nerve racking at the same time. In other note, I am happy that spring is here, so I can plant new veggies.

  2. Willo says:

    Spring is here in MICHIGAN! Where are you moving to in Michigan? I would love to give you a proper welcome with a good vegan meal. Everything is green here and the daffodils are open!

  3. urgh that would suck to have to move just when it gets hot 😦
    for the first time in many years, we have been having a very warm spring- thank God! lol ahhhhh i love Springs that feel like Spring, ya know?

    xoxo ❤

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