New Feature: Rat Pack Updates

I think the sun is playing an April Fool’s trick on us.

We have had a horrible wind storm that lasted two or three days, all overcast with gray and black clouds. This morning when I went out the air was still and then– is that a sun ray I see peeking through?

I was really hoping the sun stays for a bit, but I see dark clouds rolling in :(. And all the weather predictions have said for weeks is rain. And more rain. Would you like some rain with your rain?


Okay, weather rant over. Let’s move on to the critters, shall we? I am going to put a new feature on the blog, to make sure we all hear plenty about the rat pack (Vinnie, Twiggy, and Robin)! At lease once a week I’ll post updates on how each rat is doing, what they’ve been up to, etc. I know I have a couple of readers who own rats and love them, and others who don’t know anything about them. I would like to educate as many people as possible about how wonderful they are, and the responsible care of them.

First rat up today: Twiggy!

I am happy to say that, in her first week here, she has come out of her shell so much and is starting to get a real sparkle in her eyes! She was the worst of the two when they arrived, but her fur is getting very soft on the healthy diet I’m feeding them, and she is allowing herself to play in a larger area now (she would just run tight laps around the cage before!). The girl has even gone so far as to hop onto my lap!

Robin is a wildfire. She hops like a maniac all over my bedroom (a rat-proofed play area). Unfortunately, she is still pestering Vinny. I understand why she doesn’t desist, however– as I have mentioned before, she is trying to be dominate over Vinny, and in rat packs it’s essentially the fittest and most active rat that gets the leadership role. For a reference point, rats have much of the same social pack structure as dogs. Despite the fact that I have established myself as pack leader to all three of them, she is still trying to fight it out with Vinny for the next up spot.  For the first few days I tried let him work it out with Robin on his own, but he is too physically unstable for that to be possible- Robin just keeps coming back and rolling him around. Now I am intervening every time she attempts to do this, as she relaxes her stance if I am around.

Due to this, and climbing in places where she shouldn’t, I have nicknamed Robin, Twerp. So now we have Twerpy and Twiggy.

Since their congestion is easing up considerably, from all the exercise they are getting, it’s time to start thinking about getting the Twerp and the Twig spayed. I called the vet and it cost $100 dollars each to spay them. Um, say what??? They are half the size of a banana! Luckily I have savings. Lots of them.


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One Response to New Feature: Rat Pack Updates

  1. Stefanie says:

    They are looking so much better even after the short time you had them. I know what you mean about them being small but still costing a lot of money. I think it has to do with them being more of an “exotic” animal.

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