3/23/11 Flying Apron Bakery Visit

When we adopted the babies (that’s what I call the new rats now) last week, we stopped at Flying Apron Bakery to pick up some treats, as well as lunch at Chaco Canyon Cafe (which you’ll hear about soon!). Here are some photos I took of the bakery (we didn’t buy all this, by the way):

Apple walnut galette

Cinnamon Rolls

Chai Chocolate Cake (this was my own set-up, not pictured at the bakery)

Bunny sugar cookies

Berry Corn Muffins

Apricot Thumbprints

I got:

The above pictured Chai Chocolate Layer Cake

a day old Maple Pecan Muffin

and a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie

Whenever I go to  Flying Apron, I get at least one of my old favorites, and then always try to get something new! This time I got my fave cookie and muffin. I love how the cookie is super sweet, salty, and has huge chocolate and peanut chunks– perfect for crumbling over oatmeal (which I did). The muffin is mapley sweet with pecan bits on the top, and the texture always has a wonderful crumb. Perfect for this:

Old picture, but Wildwood unsweetened soy yogurt with banana slices and crumbled muffin is the way it’s done. This picture is from last year, during my November Seattle trip, but is still relative.

For my new dessert, I decided to try chia for the first time. And I must say, in a cake, it was good first impression. 🙂

Today’s Question:

What is your favorite city?

Definitely Seattle, although admittedly it’s one of the only major cities I’ve ever been to :(. It’s a bit of a drive for us, but I love how open the city is to “hippies” like me!

That’s a joke, by the way– I’m not sure that I classify as a true hippie. I don’t really like tye-dye.

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One Response to 3/23/11 Flying Apron Bakery Visit

  1. kittee says:

    I poked my head into Flying Apron a few months ago, but decided not to get anything. Not sure why, but I think I was feeling cheap. Do you have their cookbook? I haven’t played with it too much, but I do love the scone recipe–especially with a sugar glaze on top. I may make some today, thanks for the inspiration!


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