Meet the New Rats!

I talked about our whirlwind adventure for to adopt a pair of rats in my last post a few days ago. Well, after a perfectly perfect afternoon of hangin’ in Seattle with my mommy and grandma (more about that in the next few days), we went to go pick them up. On Thursday we drove home and set them up in their permanent cage! They are now adjusting wonderfully to there new home, and I would like you to meet them!

Though originally named Faith and Hope, I decided to rename them after watching their personalities for a while. They two rats are now Robin and Twiggy. They are both young females whom I intend to spay.

This is Twiggy. She is a meek (not for long!), but adventurous, little girl with a very thin face (for a rat, that is). She can also fit through a toilet paper tube, her her face out one end and tail out the other (!), hence why I named her Twiggy. However, our goal is to have her not fit through a tube!

This is Robin– a very forward explorer. She has dumbo ears and is the cutest thing ever!  She has so far enjoyed running about my room and investigating Vinny and his cage.

They are just babies– only 2 0r 3 months old. Because the woman we adopted them from rescued them form a neglectful home, they are both a little worse for where! Their ailments included red puffy eyes, thin hair, mild dehydration, and congestion in the lungs (the early signs of the respiratory issues rats are prone to), and I can only hope that lack of food as babies didn’t stunt any necessary growth. However, these are all things that can be fixed up with healthy diet, exercise, and few tricks I’ve learned over the years. I’ll address solutions to each of them in a later post!

But the big question is– how has Vinny, our other rat, reacted to them? So far Robin has shown great interest in Vinny, and has seen it fit to try to take over his house. However, Vinny wasn’t getting pushed around for long before he began showing her who is boss!

(not applicable to my topic today, but I couldn’t resist showing you this photo!)

One of the ways rats show dominance over another is by forcible grooming, which he has been doing every time Robin comes up trying to do the same to him. I continually groom all three of them– Twiggy, Robin and Vinny– to establish myself as pack leader. When I am “pack leader” to the rats, they do not bite me and they respect the boundaries of where they can and can’t go. In no way does in stamp out their curiousness, but it makes for a much closer and intimate relationship with the rats!

Guess what? Next Monday is World Rat Day! In honor of the holiday, I will be doing lots of rat centered posts. What are some things you would be interested in knowing about rats?

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4 Responses to Meet the New Rats!

  1. thanks for your sweet comment!
    ooh yay! i actually don’t know much about rats AT ALL so I can’t wait to look forward to posts on them!

  2. Stefanie says:

    Your new girls are cute. They are in great care with you.

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