Welcome to the Land of Rats and Blueberries*

Forget milk and honey (besides nooooot vegan!).

Remember that I’m looking for rats to adopt? As companions for Vinny? Yeah? Okay, so I have been looking my face off for a few weeks, at craiglist, petfinder, calling shelters, and I finally found the ‘perfect’ rats. Unfortunately, they are a 6 hour trip from my house. Luckily, we have close relatives who live near the area. Luckily, that relative is my grandmother! Unfortunately, it was either leave the day after we saw the ad (MONDAY) or in three weeks since I have an obligation beginning Friday hat ties me down at home for a while. Solution to all this? Contact the seller on Monday (same day I found the ad!), leave on Tuesday (yesterday), pick up ratties Wednesday, and speed home Thursday. I can’t believe my mom went for it!

The rats are in the area of Seattle, so we get to spend the early afternoon, before we pick them up, in Seattle! And we all know how much I love Seattle, and we’ll go pick up goodies at my favorite GF vegan bakery and eat lunch at the restaurant straight from heaven. Then pick up the two rats!

It has all been so sudden that I didn’t even have time to think about writing a post chronically it before we left! So I am up at my Grandma’s house writing about this new adventure for you all :).

A bit about the rats we are adopting: this lady rescued two young rats from her neighbor, who had been forgetting to feed them– the rats were bone thin and for the past couple weeks the rescuer has been feeding them. She says they look much better than when she found them but that they are still pretty sick and thin. They are just babies and they deserve a second chance at life– I intend to help these young girls recover and live the best life they can! Can you see why they are worth driving hours and hours for?  I simply can’t wait to meet them!

I’ll be back with new adventures, new rats, and new meals form my favorite places in my favorite city :).

* the rats refer to rats (obv.) but the blueberries are referring to the fact that my grandma grows them at her house and has frozen ones year-round.

PS: I just went to go look for my camera cable and whoops looks like I forgot to bring it. So, um, no pictures until I get back. Sowwy!

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3 Responses to Welcome to the Land of Rats and Blueberries*

  1. Stefanie says:

    I can’t wait to see your new rats. I’m going through rat withdraw but know I do not want more at the time. I’m sure your new girls are going to love you. Have a safe trip home. 🙂

  2. aweee little rat friends!!! ❤ thats gotta be exciting 🙂 🙂

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