We Love Us Some Lummus!

For all you down-south lima bean lovers, or for those who, as children, surprised every adult with your capability to love your broccoli, lima beans, and canned spinach, I have a recipe for you. Well, more like, a substitution.

My mother cans our own beans, and lately garbanzo beans have not been in the house. Instead, the lima beans, also known as butter beans, have been dominating the shelf and we figured out that they can replace the garbanzo beans in hummus!

Lummus with crackers and veggies.

You can barely tell the difference between the two– the lima taste is not apparent at all. However, if you’re skeptical about lima beans, consider this: Lima beans have less fat and calories than garbanzo beans, in addition to more fiber and higher water content. More in-depth nutritional profiles of lima and garbanzo are in those links.

To make Lummus (as we have deemed it), just replace the garbanzo beans with lima/butter beans in your favorite hummus recipe. My mom, who tends to make the hummus in our family, doesn’t measure anything, but here is the basic outline: beans, toasted and ground sesame seeds, lemon juice, garlic cloves, all pulverized in the food processor. I’m sure she also adds salt to taste. My little sister recommends eating Lummus with copious amounts of kalamata olives.

The lima substitution also works well with other savory spreads, but I do not recommend trying them with any of the dessert spreads I have seen on blogs lately. For instance, peanut butter chocolate chip hummus with lima beans was a FAIL (too much of a lima taste). And my attempt at an improvised dessert spread tasted much-too-much of lima beans a well. Not very a pleasant attribute mingled with stevia!

Lima beans: yay or nay? Were (are?) you a “picky child”?

I didn’t get lima beans much as a young kid becuase my mom thought she didn’t like them! But I was never one to be super picky about what foods I liked or disliked! Certain greens were too bitter for my taste (still are– I’m very sensitive to biter!), but broccoli was always a hit. Let me tell ya, it was quite a blow when I found out that every child didn’t get broccoli on their homemade pizza :).

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2 Responses to We Love Us Some Lummus!

  1. ive never tried lima beans!!

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