Every Comment and Reader Appreciated

Hello everyone! I would like to apologize for the rather incoherent and “all over the place” post, the other morning. Writing a post in 15 minutes flat at 5 am may not be worth repeating!

Today I would like to dedicate my words to some very special people: you! The readers of my blog do not always choose to comment, but please know that you are all appreciated beyond words. Those who do comment brighten my day with their shared thoughts, experiences, and encouragement. It means more than you can know when a comment is put on one of my posts, especially when they bring a smile to my face :). I remember the first time someone ever commented on my blog– I went around smiling for hours! The same thing still happens when a particularly sweet comment is read!

The reason I tell you this today is becuase I know that I don’t often respond to comments. Of course, if there is a question I will answer it via blog or email, but I don’t always chit-chat in the comments section. I sometimes feel rather bad for this, becuase I don’t want people to think their words go unread or unappreciated! I want you all to know that every comment is loved. I won’t always be able to find the time to comment on your comments, but they do influence me and affect me deeply.

I’ll be back with rats, food, and environmental tips shortly!

I’m curious, if you have a blog, do you comment in your comment sections?

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2 Responses to Every Comment and Reader Appreciated

  1. im a reader!!! love this post- thank you!!! I’m the same as you… i’ll write an email back if someone asks a question or says something that I want to respond to, but i dont respond to every comment!

  2. I’m a reader, too! I really struggle with commenting in general, and I usually don’t comment back on comments unless a question is asked. I never go back to check if someone has responded to me, so I usually anticipate the same thing from others.

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