Random St. Pa-tricks

Hi all! I hope you had good saint Patrick days. I didn’t exactly celebrate in the best way possible– yesterday was a bit of a drag actually :(.

I did eat some green, though.

Does a parsley sprig in your one (of three) bowls of hot cereal count? (Don’t judge, that stuff is watery and it was either green parsley or green seaweed. I figured parsley would go better with banana.)

See that white stuff? What is that? I made some fresh almond milk yesterday morning and found out that the foam on top could be scooped up and eaten like cream! Holy heavens, so good!

I did get a bit of green on me though, in honor of the holiday:

After that I put off going to the Science center (I’m covering for the animal caretaker this week and there was cages as well as feeding. Yikes!) in favor of more research on rats to adopt. We are arranging to view a couple of females to be companions for Vinny, our neutered male! I let you know when more happens.

Finally I couldn’t put off going to the science center, and I had to buy crickets at the pet store. It always makes me so sad when I have to, but otherwise I couldn’t feed the reptiles, I suppose. I dragged my but around for four hours to feed and cage clean every after hours (I have my own key). It was all made a bit better by the Celeste, the cute baby rat who lives there :). Finally I got home at 6:15 pm to eat dinner and to get some sleep before skiing today (we have to leave in fifteen minutes though. Gotta go!)


What did you do on St. Patrick’s day?

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2 Responses to Random St. Pa-tricks

  1. Stefanie says:

    I was wondering if Vinny would have a buddy in the future. Can’t wait to see he’s new cages mates when you find the perfect match. Have fun skiing. 😀

  2. AHH!! that Almond milk foam looks great!! I love anything foamy!

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