Welcome the Newest Member of Our Family!

This is Vinny, we ‘adopted’ him from the science center, where I volunteer, after I had been taking care of him on weekends at my house. The rest of my family fell in love with his sweet, affectionate personality and the center agreed to let us keep him!

It makes me so happy that this wonderful little soul will be with us for his forever, and I look forward to sharing my life with his for years (hopefully!) to come.

Vinny is currently snoozing on my lap, and later today we have a vet appointment to wrap up a bit of health scare we had with him. But it’s all going to be good– and I’ll be writing a post about it, as I hope it can help some other rat owners (or possible ones!).

Off to cuddle with Vinny! Is he not the sweetest thing you have ever laid eyes on????

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6 Responses to Welcome the Newest Member of Our Family!

  1. Stefanie says:

    He is a cute guy. I’m sure everything will go well at the vets office.

  2. Em says:

    Hey! I’m a teen blogger too! Please follow me and check out my blog!

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