Sometimes it can be difficult to put your life into coherent words for the blogworld to read.

Sometimes I wonder why people read my blog. I sometimes I wonder if my posts have anything interesting to them or if I just sound like a gabbing 15 year old :).

Lately I’ve wondered if I should even have a blog (“you’re not interesting enough”, etc). Sometimes I’ve wondered “What’s the Point?”; If my goal to change the world is worthwhile or hopelessly futile.

Often I ponder– “What can I do to make a difference?”. Often I find myself in a dark place that allows in no light.

But lately I’ve been trying to reach some sunshine, and I finally feel like Spring and I are finally going to have a chance.

Sometimes I doubt if I am [insert desired personality trait here] enough to have a blog or to change the world. Lately (in the last twenty-four hours) I realized that I am interesting and have a lot to offer to the world! Often I forget this and I know I never should again.

I often forget the fact that I and everyone else play their part in the world. Every person, animal, and plant on earth make a difference– and I want to make a BIG difference. I sometimes lose that desire.

Let this blog be my own path towards happiness. Here’s to a new beginning, a fresh start!

I hope you’ll join me :).

See you tomorrow!

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2 Responses to

  1. Christy says:

    Keep up the good work. I like your post. And I agree, I want to be a big difference. Anything you do toward that end is GREAT.

  2. Clover says:

    I just want you to know what a source of smiles and inspiration you are to me, and how much darker and colder my Scandinavian surroundings would appear if you shut your blog down.

    Keep being awesome.

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