The Microwave vs Everything Else

While at my grandmothers house for a few days, I used her microwave at every opportunity– working to dwindle down the mental list of curiosities I had regarding how microwaved foods compared to every other cooking method, in terms of taste, texture, and difficulty factor.

Not having a microwave, it’s always a novelty being around one. I felt like giggling with girlish pleasure every time I ‘beeped’ in the numbers and pressed the ‘start’ button! I have come back, mission accomplished, and show you the results of a few foods below.

So, here go’s:

How Does Microwaved Food Compare?


Broccoli: Yuck. For some reason, when you microwave broccoli, the top remains crunchy and the stalks get all mushy and mealy. I think I’ll stick to my beloved steamed broc, thank ye very much.

Sweet potatoes: I had read you could microwave bake a sweet potato and I was anxious to try it. However, my conclusion is that nothing can compare to the sweet, mushy, moist flesh you get when you bake them . After coming out of the microwave, the sweet potato was certainly cooked, but it was very dry and quite a mouthful. I cooked a second one with the same results– not at all pleasing.

Muffins: I made Chocolate-Covered Katie’s Single Lady Muffins baked in the microwave. Finally, success! Using a few different flour combos, they all worked beautifully– moist, flavorful, and with only batter mixing and a 90 second cook time– done in under five minutes. I made: microwave banana bread (included garbanzo bean flour and mashed banana), blueberry buckwheat microwave muffins (included brown rice flour and buckwheat flour, stevia sweetened), buckwheat dinner muffins (included brown rice flour and buckwheat flour), sweet potato cinnamon microwave muffins (included mashed [baked] sweet potato).

Oatmeal: Microwaved oatmeal works well enough– provided you don’t lose tabs on it. Cleaning up a slimy oat spill is not very fun (the time I did this was when I was at a friends house making oatmeal for breakfast after a sleepover)! I tended to cook it at 30 seconds intervals, until it was the texture I like it at. Any longer intervals, and it will boil over.

Disclaimer: the descriptions of taste and texture are my personal opinion and may not reflect your preferences.

For the record, I do not cook in microwaves all the time— my family does not own one. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the healthfulness of eating a lot of microwaved food, and I plan to do more research to get my fact more straight. I hope to write a post about it eventually. In the mean time, I think that microwave cooking is very handy when staying in others homes. Especially for those like me– with food sensitivities– who can’t always eat everything your host may cook!

Do you own a microwave? What are your views on microwaved food?

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8 Responses to The Microwave vs Everything Else

  1. Christy says:

    I agree with your findings. I have a microwave, but I don’t cook in it except for oatmeal, cause its quick before work and an occasional sweet potatoe. Which you are right, is better in the oven. Basically all i use it for is reheats. I wonder about the safeness also. Thanks for the blog. Have a great day…

  2. Stefanie says:

    I use a microwave everyday. Nothing compares to food cooked on the stove/in the oven but the microwave is fast. Also, living in an apartment, I hate to turn the oven on too much because it gets too hot in my place. 🙂

  3. i use the microwave mainly for heating things up.. not really for cooking!! i do know that cooking fruit and veg in the microwave actually sucks out most of their nutrients!

  4. Sahirah says:

    Hi, I have a microwave that I only use to reheat leftovers and steam brocollli i’m not sure how you cooked your brocolli in the microwave but I chop up two heads of brocolli place it in a glass bowl with 1 tablespoon of water cover tightly with plastic wrap or place a plate over top and cook 5 minutes,it turns out just like brocolli steamed on the stove.

  5. Hannah says:

    I really just use my microwave for melting chocolate and reheating leftovers. Otherwise, I’m not crazy about the rubbery texture it tends to empart.

  6. Kayla says:

    We have a microwave but I only use it for quick warm up of foods. I hate cooking potatoes in the microwave it’s so gross and dry. Oven is tons better! I am excited to try Katie’s single lady muffins, I’ve been wanting to for a loong time!

  7. Olivia says:

    I love your blog chica!! I use the microwave probably once a day, mostly to warm up a frozen entree or sometimes just hot water for tea. I totally agree that steamed broccoli is SO much better. And oatmeal tastes just fine in the micro, but I usually end up making a hummungo mess with oatmeal all over the place! haha

  8. Liz says:

    I put the broccoli in a micowave-safe container with a bit of water and close the lid except for one corner. It’s essentially steamed broccoli but faster. For potatoes I cook them in a bowl with an inch of water for 5 minutes, then flip add more water and cook for another five minutes. It doesn’t get dried out and I don’t have to run my oven for an hour.

    Great idea for microwaving muffins! I’ll have to try that.

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