Funky Fotos

I love taking pictures of our pets.

When I photograph an animal, there are sometimes those photos when you catch the critters or light doing the most interesting things– I have a few that have been sitting around that I must show you!

Vinny would like to say “roar!”.

Is it just me, or does Lizzie look a bit like Cruella Deville?

Not to be confused with personality, however! Lizzie’s main motivation in life seems to be eating :).

This photo was taken before Junior passed away– it makes me want to laugh and cry simultaneously.

And to finish for the day:

Actually, I think this one is more endearing that laughable. 😉 Love ya Ginger!

What funny things do your pets do?

When Ginger wants back into the house, she jumps into the flower box outside the front windows and puts her face up to the glass with the biggest, most bugging eyes you will ever see to catch out attention. It’s at times like these that I start to doubt her sanity ;).


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2 Responses to Funky Fotos

  1. Kayla says:

    Haha, those are sooo cute! I love when I shoot a pic of my dog with his tongue sticking our, or licking his lips. It’s always the funniest thing!

  2. Awwwe so, so cute!! I love your bunny..makes me miss mine. 🙂 And taking photos of pets is always a lot of fun. My cat lays like a dog which is really cute, as well as had little freak-out-run-around-like-mad episodes. And my horse will stick out her tongue and wave her head in the air. 😛

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