Breakfasts at Grandma’s

Since my grandparents eat normal (not certified gluten-free) oatmeal every morning, I am left to my own devices for breakfast. Good thing, too! I love making my own breakfast– it’s my favorite meal of the day and such an opportunity for creativity. Since my grandmother has a microwave and we don’t, I came with a laundry list of things to try cooking in it. First on the list was Katie’s Single Lady Cupcakes:

Grandma is very well educated about gluten, and she happens to keep some gluten-free flours in house, so I had a few choices at my disposal. I decided on buckwheat and brown-rice flour, hence the super dark hue of my muffin. I also took advantage of the applesauce option in the recipe. Ever since reading you could make a single-lady baked good in a microwave, I wanted to try it. It is really effective, and very yummy! The flours gave the muffin a gritty texture, but the buckwheat flavor is great. Barely sweet, with a sprinkling of unsweetened baker’s chocolate on top (all melty out of the microwave!). There was a bit of batter leftover after the above muffin, so I made a, (un-pictured) slightly smaller second one.

I ate my muffin with some silken tofu banana pudding topped with stevia, frozen blueberries, blackberries, and banana.


Not quite as noteworthy as a single-lady muffin, but still delicious, was yesterday’s bfest:

Microwaved GF oatmeal with frozen blueberries, blackberries, and apple, as well as pecans. Yes, it is mandatory for me to eat berries at every meal (she grows them and freezes them for later use) before I leave. I LOVE berries!

I just found garbanzo bean flour in my grandma’s pantry, so my next recipe to try is Jenny’s Choccakes for one. I’ll report back tomorrow!

Today’s Question:

Do YOU like berries? Favorite berry/berries?


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5 Responses to Breakfasts at Grandma’s

  1. Mmm, I love berries, all kinds. I love eating them frozen, they’re like candy to me. I keep meaning to do the single lady cupcake, yours is so cute:)

  2. Picky Nicky says:

    You’re so lucky to have “Fresh” berries 😀 That sounds super good! And by the way, your eats look awesome 🙂 Enjoy your stay at your grandparents house!

  3. Ooo that pudding is beautiful!
    I *just* bought garbanzo flour too… I made a pizzert with it, and it tastes like eating a hummus pancake. Too cool!

    Katie (who likes raspberries best)

  4. i lOVE berries!!! blackberries, raspberries and blueberries are my fav!

  5. my Grandma is such the opposite when it comes to understand what gluten is and why even small amounts of it isnt good for me. she still likes to say, ” But Kelsey, everything is okay in moderation” lol 😛


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