Going to Grandma’s House…

Who knew it would be such an ordeal?

I love my grandma and grandpa :), and I was delighted that the oppurtunity to stay with them (by myself) for the first time in years came up; they came to the last performance of the play I was in, and we organized for me to to go home with her for 5 days for some one-on-one grandparent/granddaughter bonding.

Lately has been such a whirlwind: The play fished Saturday night, strike was on Sunday (stripping of the set), we went skiing on Monday (Grandma didn’t ski, btw), and we were sheduled to leave at 9am on Tuesday morning for Grandma’s house.

I tell you– I must be exhausted more than I know, because once I got home from skiing the other night, I ditched dinner altogether in favor of bed at 7:00 pm. I slept almost 12 hours. Apart from my strange dreams, it was complete bliss. I am still sore from all that falling while skiing, though ;).

I woke at 7am, got my bags packed, ate breakfast, and took photos of the flowers that would be dead by the time I got back on Saturday.

Beautiful flowers given to me by her at my performance as Anne in “The Diary of Anne Frank”. Thank you, grandma!

I left the house with  grandma and grandpa in a complete blizzard. Where did that come from? After an hour or two of driving, however, the skies were blue and the sun was shining. But once we reached the mountain pass, it began snowing in earnest. Just as we drove up, they were closing the gates to alert everyone that it was closing. NOOOO!!!! So we sat in a coffee shop for an hour and a half, so I could check the conditions on my laptop– the pass closure was due to multiple accidents, apparently. We thought about going to a motel, but saw people headed in the direction of the pass and grandpa wanted to give it another try. Turns out that all that traffic was just sitting still and we sat on the road for two hours before it opened up! Snow accumulated to about 6 inches while we sat there and all the way through there was a complete blizzard with zip visibility. What an adventure!

So in the end, what should have been a 6 hour trip took 11 hours and 55 minutes. Wow. Well, at least I’m here at my favorite place now (we went grocery shopping today– so we could pick up some VEGirl essentials), and I won’t have to leave until Saturday!

I’m having a wonderful time; I just love my Grandma’s house (and I love my grandma)! I’ll be back tomorrow with food pics :).

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One Response to Going to Grandma’s House…

  1. carolcovin says:

    In Grandma’s day, it wasn’t common to serve vegans. But, it’s more popular now. I just ran across a dessert bar & cafe that served yam and applesauce cupcakes for diabetics that I would think would be great for vegans, too.

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