Adventures of VEGirl

Long time, no see, eh? My blogging hiatus can be explained in few major points:

1. Play rehearsals galore– for my role as Anne Frank in “The Diary of Anne Frank”. The show opened last weekend, however, and we now have three days off until out second (and last) set of performances. I finally get to breath, woo-hoo!

2. A visit to the naturopath the other week and orders to EAT MORE. We have some instructions and the fam is trying to help out a lot. Let’s just say it has been very, um, stressful, and months worth of bottled up emotions are bursting out at times. But I suppose that small steps are the way to go toward a happier, obsessive-free future. I am  not wanting to ever vent on the blog, though– I want it to be for happy, inspiring things– not a dumping ground for my piled up emotions.
3. Junior, the love of my life, passed away on Friday, January 28th a couple minutes after 4pm. She died in my lap– it was very peaceful. Her condition had been deteriorating over the weeks and we knew it was only a matter of time. I had recently brought her home from the Science center for her to stay the weekend. I miss her terribly, but the big rat-less hole has been filled by her cagemate, a young buck by the name of Vinny:

Isn’t he precious?

I have a lot of adventures coming toward me… I want to pick up some hobbies that were pushed aside with all the obsession, and blog daily. I also want to work on letting go and loving myself. I’m nervous to get started, but I’ll have Vinny with me.

There are more things I want to do but for now I am going to focus on these. Let the Adventure of VEGirl begin!

Be back tomorrow with some sweet potato love! Any particular things you want to see me post about?

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One Response to Adventures of VEGirl

  1. oh girl you are busy!! first off.. congrats on being Anne frank!!!!!!! and second im so so sorry about Junior.. i hope everything goes okay!!.. i just wnt to see anything you post! food, life ANYTHING!

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