Doing the Best for Our Degus

On Sunday little sister got sidetracked while cleaning the degu cage. But who could resist petting this cute little bugger? Especially when they will finally let us pet them after a year and a half of having them with us!

Our three degus were described in the page ‘my animal family’. However, there are only two degus remaining, Jessie and Cesar. Artemis was found one morning months ago, having passed on some time during the night due to unknown causes. After her death, we decided we needed to play a more active role in both Jessie’s and Cesar’s lives. The two have warmed up to us a lot, what with us now having them play in their exercise ball daily and interacting with them more. Just these simple changes have put a spark for life back in them. Before this they moped all day, interested in very little, and now they are little riders on the roller coaster of life!

The above picture is of Jessie, the most amiable of the two. He actually enjoyed being pet! It put a touch of wonder in our hearts that these two little degus, once part of a mass breeding rodent house, now have come so far as to be in the company of humans, and enjoy it.

Just a bit of simple effort on our part (letting them play in the exercise ball), has made them so much more happy and fulfilled. I regret the time we didn’t ever take them out, for the first year or so after adopted them. We had no idea how to exercise these little peeing and pooping machines! We were at a loss and, wrapped up in our own lives, did little for them but the necessary feeding and cleaning, with the occasional socialization. I deeply lament the lost time, but I know that animals, ever present in this moment, are forgiving. Jessie and Cesar are symbols of that, and seem to be oodles happier.

I hope that, in the future, I can post more on how to do the best for degus. I believe they are animals that should have never been sold as pets. They aren’t as social with humans as dogs, they pee and poop constantly, and just have a different “way” about them that I haven’t encountered often. But we, as humans, are now intertwined with their fate. We have bred them unable to survive in the wild, and we must now do our best to care for them. Humans owe them this much.

Have you ever met a degu? What was your impression?

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2 Responses to Doing the Best for Our Degus

  1. What a cutie patootie! And he’s smiling too! 😀

    I have never met a degu, but I have read about their funny shenanigans on Amanda’s blog. Amanda’s “goos” are as naughty as they are adorable!

    PS: I just found your blog via Hi! 🙂

  2. Kate says:

    Sorry but I disagree that they should not be sold as pets – they should go to responsible owners and not to be kept on their own – but my boys love human’s company, are outside of the cage for about 2 hours every day, eat from my hand and come to me for a daily portion of belly and behind-the-ear rub:). They are lovely creatures, who need a lot of attention and big cages – but they can give you a lot of love in reward! The only problem is they are still relatively rare as pets and not much info is available how to properly take care of them.

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