Pink Food

Story time!

When I was inbetween the ages of four and six, I went to my first ever birthday party. At the time we were living out in a very sparsely populated area where is rained three hundred days out of the year and there was more greenery than sky… I love it there (still miss it! We moved away when I was seven). In an attempt to raise me right, my mom had, up to that point, never fed me some certain sugary foods that most kids consider staples– namely ice cream.

At this party, I had my first taste of the stuff, and excitedly returned home with the news:

“Mommy, I ate pink food!”.

The pink food in question was strawberry ice cream, and the flavor still holds a place in my heart! Fast forward to a while later, when we got in the car to drive to grandmas house. Pink food still on my mind, I told grandma the news:

“Grandma, I ate pink food!”.

“Strawberry ice cream,” my mom explained under her breath.

With a knowing smile, grandma proceeded to tell me some great news,

“Well, honey, grandma has white food!”.

My mom looked on in horror– shaking her head, with a low, stern “no…”. But nothing could keep me from my ice cream, could it? Well, now that I am vegan and the natural food stores are blessed with dozens of different based vegan ice creams, I have been able to taste a couple good vegan strawberry ice creams.

But this morning I created a much more natural, and reasonably tasty, version. Strawberry ice cream will always hold a dear place in my heart, and this morning held a nostalgic remembrance:

After spotting some super tempting looking soy strawberry ice cream in the store the other day, I decided I might skip the refined sugar and just buy the real thing. I bought a bag of frozen strawberries (packaged in a biodegradable package!), and broke them open this morning to make my treat. In my regular blender (I don’t own a vita-mix), went a 1/4 block of firm silken tofu, 1 cup frozen strawberries, and then water as needed.  I flavored it with stevia right before I ate; it helped boost the flavor of the strawberries. I enjoyed my creamy concoction (not really like ice cream…) with some un-pictured gluten-free bread (leftover from night before), half a banana, a little spoonful of almond butter (oh, you do it too!), and some bites of lasts nights dinner veggies (random, but yummy!).

I ended up dipping the bread into the cold strawberry… mmm! And, though it didn’t really taste like the strawberry ice cream I remember, it was certainly good– like a cold creamy strawberry smoothie!

Any interesting childhood food memories?

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13 Responses to Pink Food

  1. The colour is wonderful!! Probably a lot brighter than the ice-cream you spotted:)
    I have made something similar to that before, but just blending up the frozen fruit (raspberry, banana and mango, and a little water) and stuck it back in the freezer. It was the most intense flavoured sorbet I’d ever eaten, and more dense and slightly creamy. Not far off a very fruity ice-cream:) I’d love to try it with strawberries, but I’ve never seen frozen strawberries here, and when they’re in season I just want to eat them!

  2. lauren says:

    woah..the color of that icecream is so lovely!

  3. Gah! That photo! You amaze me with your photos, girlie!!!

  4. oh my gosH! that is most gorgeous smoothie i think i have ever seen!

  5. Your strawberry smoothie looks amazing!
    And I love your blog! I was also home schooled up until a year ago, I’m also vegetarian (but not vegan), and I looooove animals! Glad to meet a fellow teen blogger 🙂

  6. Picky Nicky says:

    I was just thinking about how silken tofu would taste in a smoothie and then I saw this post 😀 Coool, I’ll have to try this! And I have a bag of frozen raspberries at home – It was meant to be 🙂

  7. I make a “smoothie” (aka what I like to call icecream) that sounds JUST like this!! You should try adding a whole lemon to it.. gives a great kick to the strawberry!

    • VEGirl says:

      I do love lemons, and I will certainly try that with the rest of my strawberries, as I still have half the bag left! Thanks for the idea! –VEGirl

  8. Kiki says:

    I agree with everyone else that that is the prettiest ice cream I’ve ever seen!

    Hm, childhood food stories? My sister and I used to take chocolate popsicles and paint mustaches on our faces with them, and then jump around going “We are little men from Italy!” Because mustaches = Italian, obviously, haha.

  9. BitterSweet says:

    Lovely color- That alone is an enticing reason to give it a taste! It sounds delicious as well, a fruity treat that’s still possible when so few things are in season. Gotta love the versatility of frozen fruits.

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