Oh Baby, Those are Some Good Buns

I’m so scandalous.

But it is certainly true! I have often gushed about my favorite bakery (which also happens to be a favorite across America, too), Babycakes, which I have visited while on a trip to New York City on one occasion, and I just received their cookbook for Christmas! This bakery is a godsend for people like me– vegan, (mostly) gluten-free (some products contian spelt, an ancient ancestor to wheat), refined-sugar-free, more whole-grains, and so creative!

Just last year they opened a new location in downtown Los Angeles. When, a few months ago, my dad announced he would be going to a convention in LA in January, the conversation went a bit like this:

Dad: The convention is in LA this year.

Me: LA? Like, as in Los Angeles?

Dad: Yeah

Me: But there is a BABYCAKES IN LOS ANGELES!! You have to pick up some goodies!

Yeah, no support or encouragement for his convention, just a ‘get me some goods‘. Aww, well, no one regretted it…. he got home late last night (or early this morning?) and I tell ya, when I woke up this morning and saw the huge bag of bakery boxes on the table, it was a feeling better than Christmas. It was much better than Christmas.

I have to extend a huge hug to my dad (which I have already done multiple times in person)– the guy walked a couple miles from his hotel, got lost in a homeless alley, and tried to (unsuccessfully, unfortunately) sykpe us from the shop! He did call from the bakery though, and we got so much more than we expected! The lady at the counter also threw in a couple things, too, apparently ;).

Of course, I had to take photos before anyone could eat any one item (“hurry” was the hot word on everyone’s lips!) but when I finally finished, in good time I thought, we all enjoyed a breakfast feast of Babycakes baked goods.

I don’t consider myself a spoiled child. Yeah… I may have to change that stance!

Here’s the spoilage:

A mocha frosting topped chocolate chip donut. I’m telling you, these are donuts done right (can’t tell you how long it’s been since I had an actual donut! I’ve eaten two of them today :)). They are pleasantly light textured, almost fluffy, and the frosting is the best thing since mochas themselves. So creamy and not tooth-achingly sweet, I can understand why they would have frosting shots available to costumers!

This one is currently hanging out in the freezer for another day, but chocolate chip cookie sandwiches are as delicious as they sound! I have had one before, on my one other Babycakes run, but with a GF oatmeal raisin cookie. I am really looking forward  to the chocolate chip one.. there is so much frosting goodness, and their cookies are great!

Powdered sugar blueberry donut. Interestedly enough, this is one the one I was looking forward to most, but liked least. I guess all the powdered sugar just made it too sweet to handle for me. But my little sister loved it!  I may give mine to her… if she’s willing to trade something good :).

These are volcanoes, I believe. We all keep calling them cake balls (get your head out of the garbage, people) and they are delicious (don’s even say, that’s what she said). They are cupcake or cake crumbs re-incarnated with new flavors and a sauce. The one pictured above is a lemon flavor (everyone loved it) and there is also a chocolate mint peeking into the photo. These got a unanimous “YUM” from every family member!

Other things not pictured:

Agave brownie bites (I have made these at home before: utter brownie bliss)
Citrus/Lemon donut (I got a part of one, very tasty, if a bit sweet)
Jelly filled mini donuts (haven’t tried this one yet. Lil’ Sis says it’s very good)
four flavors of cupcakes (2 of each!).. but that’s a whole other post 🙂

But wait! I saved the best for last (well, it’s a competition with the mocha donuts):

Meet the wonderbun. It’s like a cinnamon roll, only gluten-free, vegan, refined sugar-free (agave-sweetened in fact!), and made with healthier fats and flours! It is sooo yummy– the dough, which is dense with a slight chew, is rolled with a thick, soft, cinnamon filling, and drizzled generously with a vanilla frosting sauce. I really can’t get enough of this frosting! I was scraping it off with my teeth!

I’ll get up a post all about the cupcakes soon (I have yet to actually eat one… I think three small donuts and a wonderbun is enough for one day! I have packaged up the rest of my goods for the freezer to keep them fresh). But in the meantime, have you ever had any relation with Babycakes? Check out their menu, and tell what would you want to try!

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3 Responses to Oh Baby, Those are Some Good Buns

  1. AHH you are making me drool!

  2. Picky Nicky says:

    Omggg, those look seriously amazing! Your photography is awesome, too! I’ve never been to babycakes but now I have to find the nearest one to me and go!! 😀

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