Bitter Bliss

I think I’ll jump right in today: make this now. Alex at Spoonful of Sugar-Free (awesome lady, btw), posted a recipe for grain-free bitter chocolate cake for one last month, which I have had my eyed trained on. The only catch keeping me from my blissful bitterness? the recipe called for a chicken’s egg, and I wasn’t sure what to replace it with!

Well, I would like to extend a grateful “thank you” to my miss Jenny, who tried this recipe with a flax egg, proving it could work! I would have gotten around to it eventually, but it would have kept me form this awesome recipe longer than I could bear.

Bitter chocolate ‘pudding’ with stewed bananas (frozen bananas boiled in water). This accompanied a larger, random breakfast spread.

I know my bitter cake’s texture is most likely different from the original (I didn’t change a thing except for using the flax egg– approximately a teaspoon of ground flax seed with hot water. I may or may not have also jumped the gun on taking it out of the oven!). Mine was akin to a pudding-y fudge, or a fudgey pudding– the description doesn’t matter though, as it was nonetheless a great texture! It actually reminded me of Katie’s hot chocolate butter, in that it was very spreadable and very deeply chocolate flavored. And not a drop of sweetener in it! I will be interested to see if I could use it as a spread, and if it would stay spreadable when cooled. It would make a great dip for fruit, or sandwich filling!

Are you a fan of bitter chocolate? I have always loved dark chocolate. This recipe was right up my alley! Thanks, Alex!

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7 Responses to Bitter Bliss

  1. Oh wow, that looks so heavenly. And I’ve just been catching up on your old posts. Girl, I just do not understand how your photos always look SO professional! Every one, I just want to eat! Not the food, the actual photo. Yes, I want to put the photo in my mouth and bite! That’s how good you make them look.
    Also, I do not know how your blog has escaped my google reader for so long, but I’m adding it right now so I won’t miss your posts anymore!
    You. are. amazing :).

    • VEGirl says:

      I’ll I just package up some photos for the mail box, shall I? Although I don’t think they taste as good as your fudge babies. Just saying…

      Did you know your the sweetest thing ever? Yeah, cuz you are :).

  2. I looove bitter chocolate. This looks so good, I’ll have to try it!

  3. i LOVE bitter chocolate! i must try this with the flax egg!

  4. Picky Nicky says:

    I’ve been dying to try that recipe but haven’t because of the egg (they upset my stomach) so I’m glad to know it worked! I’m a bitter chocolate SUPER FAN, I could eat it every day 🙂

  5. spoonfulofsugarfree says:

    YAY!!!! So glad you tried it 🙂 A lot of vegans have been having success using a flax egg instead of a real egg….I might have to try this now 🙂

  6. Stefanie says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience with this recipe. I wasn’t sure if the flax egg would work so I haven’t tried it. I most try it.

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