Body, We Have a Problem

There are three fact of which I am sure:

1. It’s winter. (That means it’s COLD outside, body dearest!)

2. That my hands and feet are perpetually cold throughout winter unless I where fuzzy house boots and gloves (boots yes, but gloves? No, that’s just a bit excessive, even for me ;))

3. That I am craving cold foods like there is no tomorrow! And when I say cold foods, I mean this cold food. Enter my latest obsession:

It’s like ice cream, only better! [spotted: misspelling of concoctions! Just ignore that, k?]

And it’s so incredibly easy! When they have clearance bananas as the grocery store (you know, the ones with hideous freckles?) buy up a bunch and once you get home, peel them, break them into chunks, and freeze ’em. They store in the freezer for a LONG time, and are perfect for melting into hot cereal, blending into smoothies, or making the above ice cream!

For my creamy goodness, I blend frozen bananas with my desired flavorings and the minimal amount of water needed not to kill the blender (and I don’t have a vitamix, just a regular old blender), until I achieve a smooth consistency. You don’t want to have the blender running too long though, as the heat from the blade will melt the perfect ice creamy texture. You can get creative with the flavors! I stick with the classics and go for a colossal volume of cocoa powder. But you can try spices, carob, and blend other fruits in as well. Bananas make for a creamy base, but any other frozen fruit does the job. I generally let my ice cream hibernate in the freezer (in it’s serving bowl) while I clean up the blender (with my tongue as much as water :)).

These strange cravings sort of irk me at times! Apparently, it’s not enough to have cold hands and feet all winter. Now I need brain freeze, too! I suppose the same went to for summer– I ate a bowl of hot cereal mush every morning almost all summer long…. although I’ve been eating a lot of scalding bowls of such recently as well.

Today’s Question:

What funky cravings do you get?

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6 Responses to Body, We Have a Problem

  1. oo banana softserve sounds go good right now! i tried to make it once but it FAILED.. i know how could you fail at making banana soft serve!

  2. That’s my favourite combo too! Frozen bananas and cocoa powder 🙂 Lately I’ve been craving massive amounts of vegetables 😐 Like, roasted veggies straight from the serving bowl 😛 Yumm!

  3. BitterSweet says:

    Oh man, I’m right there with you- I’m freezing my butt off, but craving a vegan milkshake like nothing else at the same time! I think that this could fit the bill quite nicely, actually…

  4. Stefanie says:

    That looks like the best banana soft serve I have seen yet. 🙂

  5. It is cold here and I am craving savory, crunchy fried food! I am unable to exercise as it is cold out and eating fatty food does not help…I have no hope.

    • VEGirl says:

      In the winter, exercise choices certainly can (and in some cases are) bleak, however, though it may seem boring, I have found that walking in the snow and the cold is a rather effective way to wake up my senses, feel good, and get my body stretched out a bit!

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