Hoiday Recipe Round-Up

Need some recipes for the holidays? Look no further, I’ve got you covered with recipes that are gluten-free and vegan, and many are refined-sugar free plus low in added fat, while still remaining delicious!

We have:

Gingerbread cookies.

Macaroons! (MMM MMM MMM… toasty [coconut]!)

Simple Peanut Butter Cookies. {FYI: The above picture is a revised pb cookie recipe, with less pb and a different flour combination. I will re-experiment and hopefully post it in the next week!}.

Or you could go with some Buckwheat Raisin Cookies, below!

How about some Peanut Butter Cups? Or Use some of these ideas for gift chocolates (or chocolates for yourself!).

For a raw twist that is sure to please, make some Rawsome Chocolate Truffles! Or some fudge babies, perhaps?

Mint Crepes with Chocolate Raspberry filling can be made anytime of year, as a decadent breakfast or lovely dessert! And you don’t even need raspberries (although you could certainly sub frozen ones for the fresh)! For a Chrsitmas variation, my suggestion for the filling would be to make some fresh chunky applesauce, with stevia and cinnamon (sans cocoa powder). Or maybe make a banana chocolate filling? Yum!

On the subject of breakfasting, want a holiday breakfast to enjoy alone or with family? Devour some Baked Pumpkin Oats.

Or add some seasonal produce and flavors to Pancake Bread (and present them as regular old pancakes), such as pumpkin, apples, and spices.

How about your favorite pie, with my Low-Fat, Agave-Sweetened Pie Crust?

Happy holidays!

Today’s Question:

Which of these recipes would YOU want to make for the holidays? Are there any additional recipes you would like to see on this list? Me: I need to make a good chocolate crinkle– they are hands down my favorite holiday cookie (in taste and memory!). I did make a pretty good one last year, that was agave-sweetened and low-fat, but get this… I lost it. I can vaguely remember the ingredients, so maybe it will make a comeback this Christmas!

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5 Responses to Hoiday Recipe Round-Up

  1. ok wow. i truly cannot single out one of those goods to make… so I will definitely have to make a MAJORITy of them! those raw truffles—- YUM

  2. Oh wow this post just made me very hungry! I love pancakes, so pancake bread sounds wonderful!

    Sugar cookies are a staple in our house this time of year! The only time I ever want them, haha

    • VEGirl says:

      Pancake lovers unite! Oh my word, how I love pancakes. Sugar cookies, huh? Never tried to make them after I tried to go, you know, without sugar. I may have to make an attempt, though. Thanks for the idea, Merry Chrsitmas!


  3. spoonfulofsugarfree says:

    RAWsome chocolate truffles are the best!!!! I am giving them to everybody this year, only I add peppermint extract to make it taste like a RAWsome crinkle cookie 😉

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