Last Week’s Christmas-y Breakfast

Last week, I made a pact to make every breakfast for the month of December have some Christmas cheer in it, whether that means a splash of color in the food, decor, or dishes.

However, after fruitlessly trying to fulfill this goal for the past days, I have changed it to just be one (or more if desired) highlighted breakfast that will be featured on the blog weekly. It is just too difficult to try to add some red or green to EVERY meal… largely due to the fact that we may not have any such colored food in the house at the time!

This last week’s featured breakfast:

Leftover baked sweet potato, skin removed (and placed on the separate plate), mashed with cinnamon and topped with banana! On the side is some leftover steamed broccoli and a quarter of a pomegranate, accompanied by the sweet potato skin. I got the idea to eat the sweet potato at breakfast the night before and it was pretty good. I think it would be fabulous in pancakes, however. The banana was just ok with it, so I added some (un-pictured) apple chunks. I think next time I might bake the apple and mashed sweet potato together with cinnamon as a breakfast!


The fact that I ate broccoli at breakfast hopefully conveys how desperate I was for some Christmas-y green.

What weird stuff have YOU eaten at breakfast?

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3 Responses to Last Week’s Christmas-y Breakfast

  1. ahah when i was really little- i used to eat leftover mac and cheese for breakfast.. YEAH… dont do that anymore!

  2. Haha, I love this! Whoa, where do you get a yellow sweet potato like that?? All mine are orange! Also, how’d you get the snow on your page?

    • VEGirl says:

      On you blog dashboard, under ‘appearance’ ‘extras’. Just check the little box and BAM it starts to snow! If only we could do that in real life…

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