Our Christmas Decorations!

Let’s start with my bedroom (ahem, I meant headquarters. Sounds much more official)

Red sticks I collected off a bare bush in a green vase.

And as a centerpiece on the dining table:

For some reason, walnuts are synonymous with Christmas in our family, so it was only fitting :).

In the living room, we have:

A cute wittle santa sleigh, complete with little presents, and a greenery vase I made earlier in the week. Lil’ Sister had the idea to poke the red berries onto the needles so they were seem a bit more natural!

Welcome to mantle city:

Where all the houses are paper and the people porcelain.


Oh yeah, there’s also a church. This one belonged to my great-grandmother, I think!

AGGG! Here comes the monster to destroy the town. Naww… I mean no harm. The only danger to this little city is our klutz of a cat (love you Ginger!). My mom glued everything to the mantle with some black tacky stuff!

Last thing:

Any guess what the above picture is? Winner gets, uh…. the satisfaction of winning? Here’s a hint: it’s covering something.

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2 Responses to Our Christmas Decorations!

  1. spoonfulofsugarfree says:

    I love Christmas decorations!!!!

    I’m guessing…uhhhh….tv? a painting?

  2. I love this! Your house is so festive. 🙂

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