‘Tis the Season

Taken while sledding the other day. Okay, I wasn’t actually sledding while I took the picture ;). That would’ve been cool though, no?

Though it’s only December 1st, I have already made headway into the festivity preparations!  So far what I have done today, whilst I had the house all to myself (parents at work and lil’ sister at her homeschool art class and hanging out with friends):

  • Cleaned house.. well, most of it. I vacuumed, dusted, and cleaned the kitchen. All necessary things for decorating and cooking for the Holidays.
  • First things first: had to return all the food from the cornucopia to their rightful places. Thanksgiving is so last week.
  • Organized the pencil drawer in the living room cabinet (which has paper, pens, pencils, etc. for family use). Random, yes, but someone had to do it ;).
  • Collected greenery and some awesome red colored branches I found on a bare bush for making centerpieces. Also make a cute centerpiece for the dining room table. Pictures for all these coming soon.
  • Made the VEGirl headquarters squeaky clean (not just tidy) and ready for the holidays. Oh, and got out the stuff that had been sitting in a pile for weeks ready for the thrift store. Gotta deliver those to a thrift shop this week!
  • Tested a gingerbread recipe. Still needs a few tweaks; it tasted like bread with some ginger and cinnamon. Though it wasn’t super-flavorful, it was a wonderful smell to work to!

A big thank you to Miss Jenny, whose lovely new blog header and weather change kick started me to get my own Christmas groove on! You are the best, girly! More on the blog templates details in a minute.

First, I have set myself a goal for the weeks following up to Christmas. Starting tomorrow, I am going to make every breakfast (the only meal I make myself daily without fail) have a bit of Christmas cheer to it. Whether that be a splash of green, gold, red, or silver in my food, drink, dishes, or decor, I am going to feel the cheer every morning. Should be fun! This means I will have to photograph every breakfast, too. That is either good or bad news for you, since that sorta means you’ll have to see them all! Hope you like pancakes and oatmeal ;). I think I may just do a weekly breakfast round-up for y’all. I haven’t quite worked that out yet!

Anyway, on the subject of my blog header and background. I want your honest opinions. Candy cane background: yay or nay? Is it too obnoxious? Visually distracting? My sister likes it, but I am on the fence about it. (EDIT: I decided to take it down)

Talk to you soon!

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One Response to ‘Tis the Season

  1. spoonfulofsugarfree says:

    To be Jolly! Falalalala lala la la!

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