Just Call Me Anne

Awwww man, I did it again! Not posting for a stretch of time :(.

In any case, the snow is ablowin’ this morning. Mr. Snow seems to have gotten my message telling him to fall all night so I can run over him with a sled today. It’s still falling as I write!! Little sis and I have plans to go sledding!

I should probably explain my post title. All my life I have been into acting, and have participated in numerous theatre productions. Over the years, as my acting skills have improved, I have “built my way up” regrading the roles I receive. Last week, a local theatre held auditions for “The Diary of Anne Frank”. Having read the play a couple years back, I had been looking forward to this audition for months, and quite literally dreaming (as in actual dreams) of being cast as Anne Frank, the girl with a big imagination! After auditioning, I got called back for a second, and on Saturday the cast list went up. And I was found that I am chosen to play Anne Frank, the lead role!!!!!!!! My mood was improved for the whole day, consequently ;).  Rehearsals start after the new year (6 weeks away!) and though I know my role will be very time consuming and demanding, nonetheless, I am ecstatic!

Before I go, I shall add to the already bursting file of oatmeal pictures in blogland:

Yesterdays breakfast… Oatmeal topped with equal volume of apple, as well as walnuts, raisins, cinnamon, and date sugar (it’s like brown sugar!).

In the coming week:

– I’ll finish up the posts on my Seattle trip.

– Get back to reviewing all the Artisana nut butter!

– I need to get testing some holiday recipes (I am so bad with timing!)! Any suggestions?

Now I have to go play with Junior, she is hyper like there is no tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Just Call Me Anne

  1. Stefanie says:

    That is great news. I am sure you will do well in the play. 🙂

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