Flying Apron Bakery Visits

aka my favorite place in the world. Although there is some healthy competition, as Chaco Canyon Cafe is now pushing for first place. Ok, I guess I love my home, too. It’s a toss-up ;). Speaking of home I now write in the comfort of my own bedroom! Got home an earlier today, and though I loved (most) every minute of my visit to Seattle, I am indeed happy to be home. I still have some catching up to do for ya’ll, however!

On the left are some kind of scone (I didn’t buy any of those), and on the right is stevia wonders. The stevia wonders, as might be gathered, are sweetened with stevia–  and are very chocolaty, with walnuts. They are pretty tasty– not super sweet, and are kinda fudge-y (in a sugar-free kind of way, ya know?).

Berry Tea Biscuits. Though I am not a big fan of them, my sister goes really likes them, so I brought one home for her. When I tried a bit, I wasn’t a big fan of the texture, and my perception of it was basically like cornbread with sugar and a few berries on top. Some people might like that– but not me!

Ahhh, the good old House Bread. I guess that means it is their signature bread– it has flax seeds in it and it has a very complex flavor, while not being too complicated. It had a hard crust on the outside and softer in the middle. I have a loaf that I brought home, and you betcha I am eating a sandwich tomorrow! I have also tried the sweet potato rosemary bread– which was very good. It tasted like the house bread with some rosemary and something else I guess was the sweet potato?

This is a calzone (think of it like a healthy hot pocket). Last time I visited in March I fell in love with the curried vegetable one, but this time I dine on the Italian pocket (with greens and mushrooms, served with a marinara sauce). It was quite tasty. The inside was soft, steamy, and quite flavorful, what with the herbs.

Other new baked good form the bakery I tried (since last visit):

Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie: Um, yes please? Huge chocolate chips and peanuts in a salted peanut butter flavored cookie.  Mine was a bit crumbly, though that was probably due to the fact it was a day old, in the 50 percent-off basket. The crumbles made it perfect for the purpose it served: dropped on oatmeal with banana slices. Can I get a woot woot?! (woot woot!). The cookie is VERY sweet, and VERY salty, which was a bit put-offing at first bite (which is all I had until I used it in my oatmeal next morning). It was a perfect treat mixed with the non-salty-and sugary-oatmeal, however. YUM!

Dark Chocolate Muffin: so granted, I only had a nibble of this (I got it for my dad), but I could tell from that one nibble that this one is delicious. So rich and fudgey– with a lovely crumb at the same time. Perfect.

Pumpkin Spice Bread: Kelsey (who I stayed with) and my mom really likes this one– it is a moist pumpkin bread slice, with currants and nuts. Oh yeah, and spices galore. A little too heavy on the spice at first taste for me– but I do think it was yummy.

Oh yeah! They also have a great herbal tea selection. I got peppermint (my standby) which loose leaf and SO flavorful.

Well I need to go to sleep now! I am so tired– I have about a weeks worth of sleeping to catch up on :).

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4 Responses to Flying Apron Bakery Visits

  1. spoonfulofsugarfree says:

    Gorgeous, delicious, yummy, spectacular baked goodies!!! Can I have some??

  2. Yum what a treat! So many tasty goodies… care to share? 😉

  3. VEGirl says:

    Alex and Heather:

    Oh I care… just not too share :). LOL it was all so tasty that I felt like I would I explode with the choosing process! Can I just buy the whole bakery?

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