Second to Last (Full) Day in Seattle

I know I was supposed to talk about my visit to Flying Apron bakery in Seattle today, but it’ll have to wait until tomorrow! Because I have to talk about the delicious (and eventful) day I had in Seattle on this November day.

Once I arrived downtown via bus, I took a look at Pike Place market. I only stayed for about ten minutes though, and didn’t buy anything. Really, I just took some photos 🙂

After Pike Place I walked about half an hour or so to the Frye Art Museum. The admission is free, and you are allowed to sketch and photograph most of the exhibits. I think it would be copyright infringement or something to post my snapshots here, but I was breath taken by the oil paintings.

Each painting, to me, showed a brief moment in time– weighted by the emotions of the subject in the photos, whether that subject be human, animals, or plant. Each artist managed to transport me to the depicted moment in time, complete with an entire back story. I felt as though I had lived their lives or was seeing a glimpse of my own.  When inspected closely, it is apparent that the artwork is made up of paint strokes, however when standing back you would almost think that the image was made up of the materials it depicted.

After the art museum,  the plan was to head over to Cafe Flora for lunch. I caught a bus and stopped, unfortunately, about ten blocks from the cafe. No worries, I thought, I’ll just walk it. So, I walked about ten blocks before I realized from a street name that, to my horror, I had gone the wrong way. THE WRONG FREAKING WAY. At that point it had been almost an hour since I had left the museum, and I had been hungry since that time! So I walked a few blocks back (ugh) and waited for a bus that took me to Cafe Flora. Needless to say, I was officially starving at that point and so my meal was greatly appreciated:

Pate Platter, anyone? This was sooooo vinegar-y, just how I like it (and how my mom likes it, too. Hi mom!). On the plate was house pickled vegetables, fried onion, purple cauliflower, beets (which were the consistency of butter. My fave!), kalamata olives, toasty warm GF bread, and peaking around the bread is the lentil pecan pate. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal, which was accompanied by….

Rosemary lemonade (yes, that is good as it sounds).

And for dessert, apple crisp with an almond spiced crumble topping with house made vegan ice cream. No words, no words.

After my satisfying lunch, I headed off to the Madison Market– which is a co-op about a mile away from Cafe Fora. Well, I walked the wrong way… AGAIN. So I turned around and walked until I caught a bus that took me to the store. There I bought the makings for bean chili for my friend and her roommate. I put tofu in it, trying to be sneaky (they both have a strange aversion to the stuff). Sadly, it didn’t work and I was caught :).

Only one more full day in Seattle :(! On tomorrow’s to-do list: the Pacific Science Center (to see the awesome new Harry Potter exhibit), the Pig’s Peace vegan store, and a last visit to the GF vegan bakery to pick up some stuff to take home.

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5 Responses to Second to Last (Full) Day in Seattle

  1. imagineclara says:

    This is cool! How long did you spend in Seattle? 🙂

  2. spoonfulofsugarfree says:

    These are gorgeous pictures, vegirl!! You would think a rainy place like seattle wouldn’t have so much POP on the colors!

    • VEGirl says:

      Haha! Well, part of the color in the photos may be due to some digitally remastering :\. What I did forget to mention was that it was indeed raining all day. Pouring, for part of it. Also, thank you so much for the compliment 🙂

  3. Rosemary lemonade! Yes please! I would love that drink, two of my favorite flavors!!

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