My Awesome Linner at Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe

Linner; (noun) A meal  comprising of lunch and dinner, combined. Normally in between the times of 2 and 5 in the afternoon.

Today was a great day in Seattle! I went to the Flying Apron Bakery (more on that tomorrow) in the Fremont district for breakfast, hung out with my friend in the afternoon, then went to Chaco Canyon Cafe for Linner at about 4 pm. Linner was wonderful, and I decided to branch out of my comfort zone a bit and order:

A raw Rosemary Cranberry Sandwich, which was “sage bread filled with Cashew Cheese and fresh Cranberry Relish, served with Parsnip Mash and a side salad”


And gluten-free vegan slice of pumpkin pie (!!!!).

Can I get a resounding yum? YUM! I was extremely impressed by this cafe– very environmentally friendly (including the bathroom!), and the food is excellent. The cafe is very cozy, with nice warm colors on the walls. The prices are very reasonable, in my opinion, provided the fact that the food is wholesome, eco-friendly, and comes in very generous portions! To make it better, the woman I ordered from at the counter was gluten-free as well (though not as severely intolerant as I am) and told me that the staff uses every measure possible to prevent cross contamination.

So the staff is very friendly– but how did my food taste? Coming from someone with a very sensitive palate (not necessarily picky– but sensitive to sweet, salty, spicy, etc.), I can say that the food was neither too sweet nor salty. It was, ya know, just right. The food was very flavorful– and the spices were all balanced. Some of the flavor combos were very exotic and everything was very tasty.

My pie slice was very tasty as well. The crust was crumbly like shortbread– not very flavorful, though. I guess I’m more of a whole grain flava kind of gal. However, don’t get me started on the filling. I am now obsessed with it. The spicing was excellent and the sweetness was not too overpowering. It was very thick– very pleasant all around.

I will certainly return there before my trip is over– only two more full days in Seattle!

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3 Responses to My Awesome Linner at Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe

  1. The cafe sounds like a dream place! I cannot wait to bake some gluten-free vegan pumpkin pie, my favorite ; )


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  3. One thing I miss about living in the PNW: lots of food choices for the restricted diet. I don’t think I could find a slice of vegan pumpkin pie if I tried in Las Cruces…

    But that just means I get to learn how to bake it myself! 😉

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