Rolling on the River

Hey everyone! I am so happy about the feedback to my baking pictures a couple posts ago. I feel so utterly loved. 🙂

Anyway, yesterday I went kayaking with some co-workers! For over a year, I have been volunteering at the local kids’ science center with the animals in the animal hall. I clean cages and socialize with the animals (which includes reptiles, amphibians, spiders, fish, insects [including walking sticks!], guinea pigs, degus, and rats). I have become wonderful friends with all the staff, and this last summer I was employed as the animals caretaker while she was on vacation in August! I am pretty much an honorary staff member, and play a big role in the lives of all the animals at the science center–especially the rats. Junior, the last of four rats (she is now 2 1/2 years old), comes to my house for the weekends and Mondays, since the center is closed on those days, to give her plenty of company at all times. And the two most recent rats, Eddie and Vinny (separate from Junior), were in very bad health when they arrived, so I’ve been helping to rehabilitate them. You will certainly hear more about these three ratties in the future!

Ok, so I got very sidetracked– I was talking about kayaking, right?

Please appreciate this shot. Please? My baby (aka camera) had its poor life hanging in the balance every time I dared to pull it out of the dry bag to snap some shots. I didn’t ever dare move while photographing to avoid tipping the boat!

Don’t even talk to me about handing the camera over to someone else. It was all okay though– I trust this lady. Overall, I had a blast with my five co-workers paddling up and down the river. And there were only a couple minor accidents– me and another friend ran into some bushes, and one lost her reusable water bottle to the deep depths of the river. 😦

Once returning home, I was not allowed any rest– nope, it was time to drive over to a family friend’s house for dinner!  We provided dinner, and while I was away for the day, my sister and mom (dad was at work) fixed up a feast of a spring roll bar. You just prepare a ton of fillings for spring rolls, and everyone fills their own whetted rice paper. Topping included, but should not be limited to: thin rice noodles (we used what we had on hand, which was mung bean noodles. You can also use rice as a filling), shredded napa cabbage, sliced red pepper, sliced apple and mango or papaya, roasted peanuts and/or peanut butter, chopped scallions, cilantro,  and mint, as well as lime wedges and tamari soy sauce for extra flavor. You really have to try a spring roll bar– it is so fun to construct and eat your own personalized rolls! We first had it at my grandmothers house recently, and the idea really caught on.

Also, get excited, because on Thursday I have some cool news :).

Have you ever gone kayaking?

I had been kayaking once before this trip, but also canoeing as well. It’s certainly been a while though!

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3 Responses to Rolling on the River

  1. spoonfulofsugarfree says:

    I’ve never ever gone Kayacking before…But it looks so fun, and I want to!

    Great pics, btw!

  2. You were so brave to use the camera!
    I’ve never been kayacking before but would love to go one day.

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