The Blogging Dilemma

A lot has been happening lately…. but not blog-worthy stuff. Blog wise, I have been feeling rather uninspired…. it feels so much has been happening lately, mentally, in the real world.

I think it interesting that my “blog life” and my “‘real’ life” are so separated. When I sit down to write a post, it’s as though I am translating the real experience of taste, touch, feel, emotion, mishaps, etc. into this alternate “blog universe” language.  A universe that, when looked back on, appears like a surreal and joyful world, where every mistake made simply leads to a better result (or a more enjoyable post!). In my “real” life, one hundred posts could be written for every one that has something “blog-worthy” to tell.

But then that begs the question, what is blog-worthy? Is it the perfect recipe, a beautiful photograph, or a lovely ‘touched-up’ picture of yourself at a fancy restaurant you are reviewing. Or is blog worthy at the other side of the spectrum– the time you baked using salt instead of sugar (no, I haven’t actually ever done that), a recount of the horribly crappy day you had, or a hilariously bad photo? I’m sure everyone’s opinion in different on this subject, but I am indeed at a bit of a stand-still.

So, then, reader– what would you like to see on this blog. Yes, I know it’s my blog and that I can write whatever I want. But you know what? I a writing this blog for you. I write it so that you may ponder your diet and lifestyle, and change it where you see fit. I also write it to give readers a place where they know that they are not the only one out there. I once thought I was the only gluten-free vegan on the face of this planet, but once I found the blog community I found out there were many more venturing on this journey.

SO THEN! What would you like to see on this blog? The one rule with requests is that it must be in my talent range (kidding! I’m totally open to learning new skills!).


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4 Responses to The Blogging Dilemma

  1. Jeannie says:

    I think that you should blog about what matters to you. Write about food, about photography, about homeschooling, about your diet. Most readers want to know about your life, and why or how you do what you do. Blogging is also an opportunity to ponder on the small, unnoticed things in life. Blogging is a way to capture memories. We want to be inspired and encouraged (:

  2. I agree with Jeannie. You should write about what makes YOU happy. If people reading don’t like it, well then they aren’t the people you want reading anyway, right? 🙂
    That being said, I’m always up for more chocolate! And you KNOW I love your photos! So summary: blog about what makes you happy… but be sure to include photos. And chocolate!

  3. To be honest, I love it when bloggers get more “real” on their blog. I’ve really been wanting to do that with mine, but I won’t lie: I’m pretty nervous. I think there’s this idea that we all have to be perfect–perfect photos, perfect recipes, perfectly clean countertops, perfect plating and perfect posts. It’s a lot of pressure and it can be hard to live up to! So, I’d like to see more of YOU. Who you are, your life, etc. I’d also love to hear about your homeschooling, but I’m a bit biased. 🙂 I’ve been considering writing more about homeschooling on my blog… people might find it interesting!

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