Just Chipper

We now interrupt your usual posting for a painfully cute photograph.

So… on our way back from my grandmother’s house this afternoon, we stopped at a rest stop (my bladder can only handle so much, ya know). When I was returning to the car, I noticed a rather large community of these cute buggers:

I wanted to scream with delight, but instead I ran to the car and whipped out my camera. It looked like people had set out water dishes and seeds galore for them, and the chipmunks were in heaven and easy to photograph! There was a short rock wall that they used as a little highway, mouths busting open with seeds. That sight really made my day!

Today’s Question:

Have you ever encountered chipmunks up close? They are fast little buggers!

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3 Responses to Just Chipper

  1. spoonfulofsugarfree says:

    Oh I love chipmunks!!! They are so adorable-especially when their cheeks are full 😛

  2. livelaughlovehopeeat says:

    They are just rats with fluffy tails! I tell myself, while still can’t stop thinking about how the fluffy tail is really what makes them cute!

    Question…. squirrel vs chipmunk? What is the difference between these 2 animals? I tend to use them interchangeably…

  3. Aw, they are so cute. You are an amazing photographer, my friend!

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