Living the High Life

The high life of nut butters, that is! I have officially become a nutty nut butter snob πŸ™‚

Where did I get all these creamy and crunchy delights, you ask? Why, the kind and generous people at Artisana, of course! They graced me with ten different flavors of squeeze packs, and three (THREE!!) 8 oz. jars of nut butter, including walnut butter, pecan butter, and cacao bliss.

This being my first ever blog review, I was already excited enough as it was. Add to that fact that I was getting the mother lode of nut butters (my favorite food, right next to fruit), I can safely say I was over the moon (which, I found, is not made of cheese, but nut butter! Who knew?). I obsessively checked the UPS online shipping tracker thingy ten times a day until the package arrived!

Instead of bombarding you with all the reviews at one, I have decided to slowly blog the goods, talking about their taste and texture,Β  great ways to eat them, and other of my opinions on them.

As the posts go up, I will add links to the list below, but here is the inventory of what I received:

Almond Butter
Coconut Butter
Coconut Oil
Cacao Bliss
Cashew Butter
Cashini Butter (peanut butter replacement)
Macadamia Butter
Pecan Butter
Tahini Butter
Walnut Butter

Today’s Question:

If you’re a blogger, have you ever gotten free samples to review? If you’re not a blogger, have you ever gotten free products?

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10 Responses to Living the High Life

  1. Stefanie says:

    I just recieved a free jar of almond butter from MaraNatha because I won their scavenger hunt. It was one of the best packages I recieved in the mail. I love my nut butters too. It has come to my attention that I do not like the cheap stuff such as skippy. The texture is kind of slimy in my opinon.

    I like the simplicity of your blog yet you still give out great information. πŸ™‚

    • VEGirl says:

      Oh, MaraNatha is my favorite brand for almond butter! I just LOOOOOVE the roasted almond flava! Totally guilty of eating the creaminess straight out of the jar.. LOL πŸ˜€ I don’t remember ever eating Skippy.. I guess I should consider myself lucky? Slime isn’t a great texture…

      Thanks for your compliment by the way, really makes my day πŸ™‚

  2. Getting products to review is a great sign that you are growing! Congratulations. Looking forward to these reviews.

    I once got offer to review a meat product which I refused as I am vegetarian, no veg or cookware offers yet! I and my friends buy cookware right now to review them on our own money.

  3. dude, how does one get hooked up with free samples? i would love to do a product review!

    can you believe i’ve never tried nut butter before? i can’t even find it out here (er, is “almond spread” the same thing??)

  4. Kelsey says:

    the walnut butter is the best!!! ❀ i love that stuff. haha and i love ur blog header pic ❀ ❀

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