I Ate Cake for Breakfast

Oh, come on– we all do it! And I didn’t eat yo ordinary cake, this was healthy cake!

Another creation, not from me this time, but my mother. Her kitchen outcomes have varied outcomes (on the count that she never measures her “recipes” and changes any recipe she wants to make!), but this cake was FANTASTIC. Though mom thought her cake was so-so, Lil’ Sister and I were already gobbling down a second slice!

Frosted zucchini cake, which I ate along with some melt-in-your mouth barlet pear slices. You bet I went back for cake seconds 😉

True to my mom’s and I food restrictions, and our beliefs about food, the cake was whole-grain gluten-free, vegan, low-fat (ground flax seeds was the only fat), stevia/agave sweetened (only a bit of agave in the cake, she told me), and it even had some sneaky veggies! Her zucchini cake even had frosting! It was a tofu lemon agave-sweetened frosting– meant to be like a cream cheese topping (The cake was still my favorite part). And when the cake had been in the refrigerator all night, the frosting thickened and was like cream cheese. It was so cool!

When this morning came, I was halfway through making breakfast when I opened the fridge for a pear, and saw the cake! I ditched my dry oats, obviously– but like I said, this is HEALTHY CAKE PEOPLE. Good stuff– does a body good. 🙂

Now, if only I could convince my mom to measure and write down her recipes, then I could make this for breakfast every morning! Just kidding– it wouldn’t be the same if mommy wasn’t spontaneous with her cooking. Love ya, mom!

Today’s question: Does your family have dessert? If so, how often?

Me: The above incident was a rather rare, we don’t often have dessert! However, that makes it extra special if we do. Of course we have the traditional deserts on holidays (pies at Thanksgiving, cookies at Christmas, etc.), but desserts usually present themselves on ordinary every-day days– when someone just feels like whipping up somethin’ good :).

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6 Responses to I Ate Cake for Breakfast

  1. Kiki says:

    Mmmm that cake looks so good! I love things with veggies baked in… carrot cake anyone?

    My family has dessert every night, but I have it maybe once a week when I’ve made something special. Most of the time I’m already satisfied after dinner. But my mom always buys grocery store cookies and the like for everyone else, which drives me CRAZY! I try to explain to her that homemade is yummier and healthier, but no luck so far… Your family sounds awesome though 🙂

  2. Stefanie says:

    That cake looks so good. If only there was a recipe to follow. I bake for my family when I visit them. I like to leave at least one dessert item for them since it is usually a few weeks before I see them again. When I lived at home I baked almost everyday for them. My mom was always asking for something sweet (some times bread too) such as cookies, pies, and cake.

    • VEGirl says:

      She did tell me what ingredients she put in it… so maybe I COULD try to re-create it!. Your parents are lucky to have you! Baked goods everyday? Sign me up!

  3. haha….i would LOVE to tell you i don’t eat dessert very often but alas – that would be a lie. usually this consists of cereal muffins made with wholegrain cereal and wholemeal flour, so it can’t be THAT bad for you, right? i mean, that has to counteract the massive amount of chocolate chips i might add.

    (p.s. thank you SO MUCH for the nice comment you made on my blog. it was really encouraging. 🙂 )

  4. Convince your mom!! I want some too ;).
    (Plus, it gives her an excuse to make more… as if you ever need an excuse to make cake!)

  5. P.S. Thanks for all the sweet comments you always leave on my blog. They brighten my day more than you’ll ever know :).

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