The Newer, Fresher Larabar (The Need for Energy- Part 3)

Use less environmental energy and gain better quality food energy.

Welcome to part three! If you missed part 1 and part 2, go read them.

Back yet? Great– because were going to talk about making your own Larabars. Many people have touched on this subject (especially bloggers) but I am always struck when I spout about making your own bars (or any other food, for that matter), and the recipient of my words exclaim: “What a great idea, I never though of that!”. I suppose that with my allergies I had to adapt– if something looks yummy but has an offending ingredient, it is considered normal to make an attempt at recreating it at home. In fact, my mom and I both share the desire to, once we DO find a yummy store-bought treat, make it at home. And invariably, it will always taste better.

Oat-N-Raisin bars. Nicely soft and chewy! (ingredients: raisins, oats, cinnamon, a dash of water to pull it all together)

I believe the same goes for bars, as per our discussion this past week. Especially Larabars, which are essentially dried fruit and nuts with some flavoring thrown in. I’m not saying the idea of a Larabar isn’t worthy of marketing; it certainly is. But as I said in part one, why buy the wasteful packaging when you could have a delicious personalized one at home?

For Larabars, I look to whom I consider the expert: Miss Chocolate Covered Katie. But before you click on that link, I suggest you check out her extensive page on them. She calls them babies, but they are in essence just a bar (just shape them into a rectangle and you’re in business!).  With over a dozen different flavors, you’ll never get tired of the seemingly fool-proof combination of dried fruit and nuts.

My favorite baby so far: the Fudge Baby! My favorite recipe for it is walnuts, dates, a small handful of raisins, and cocoa powder

But why follow a recipe? Be creative and experiment with any flavor you want. Give your bars creative names, package them in your own eco-friendly paper bags, decorate the label, anything to make you feel proud to eat your homemade foods, either alone or in the company of others. I guarantee you can inspire others to do the same. Let us fully envision a clean world full of healthy foods– and it may sound odd, but that can start with you making some simple bars in your food processor 🙂

Keep commenting on part 2, and tell me what bar you would like to see be homemade. I may even create a recipe for it 😉

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4 Responses to The Newer, Fresher Larabar (The Need for Energy- Part 3)

  1. Oh sweetie, if you could do a homemade Wild Bar, you would make me–and my wallet–so super-happy! That being said, I doubt you could recreate them… they have the weirdest ingredients. Algae in a bar? Really? hehehe

  2. Veg girl,

    I had to come out and check out part 3, after getting so excited about part 2. I even got inspired and bought some quick oats and almonds to make my version of bars at home. I am go occasionally vegan, so I am trying to have healthy snacks with me always as finding right vegan snacks is never easy.

    Love the series… I did not know about Larabars, learning stuff. Thanks.

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