Personally, my favorite season is summer. Or, rather, the transition between spring and summer, when it’s just the right temperature and plants are still blooming amid animals parading around, showing off to one another. Fall is all very well in its own right, the only problem is it means winter’s just around the corner. And winter means clothes, and lots of them. I detest having to bundle up to go outside, and them having to un-bundle to go back inside! Not that I’m complaining about sledding, but still… I’d much rather be swimming outside, hiking, biking, and walking without having to lift my foot up to twelve inches off the ground.

However, there is one thing that can make autumn’s impending doom a bit more pleasant. Can I get a “woot-woot!” for harvest season?

Among vegetables there’s beets, greens, cabbage (which we unfortunately didn’t plant this year :|), carrots, peppers (my Dad’s fave),  potatoes (my fave!), and green beans. Then there are apples to be anticipated! And of course the above tomatoes. My family delights in the simple pleasure of a full window-sill of sunning tomatoes, and we revel in the ritual of slicing one up to sprinkle on burrito, tossing into a salad, or even salsa (mama mia!).

Question: What is your favorite season? How about your favorite autumn plant (either vegetable or fruit. Or even fungal!)? Me: I love a good fall mushroom hunt. As for veggies, as insinuated above, I love harvest potatoes. They seem to have superior taste. Well, everything tastes better when you grow it youself (or rather, your parents grow it ;)). Although I suppose it’s the plants doing the growing part, we just nurture their development.

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One Response to Seasonal

  1. I love fall. Being from FL, now in NC, actually having a fall is great! But yes I do love my shorts and sandals weather!!

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