The Nature Right Outside Your Door

We don’t have a lot of space to spare. Our yard is the size of an extra small postage stamp, and we have to have our real garden at a community plot. To make we a little oasis, when we moved in my parents fenced the driveway with a ladus styled wood, making what we like to call a “patio”. We have made it our little private corner, and it is overrun with pots filled with various plants, from tomatoes to squash to herbs to flowers, and of course, a few weeds. Chairs and a bench, along with a faulty table are positioned for conversation and relaxing. With what part of our yard there is, my mother devotes to little plots filled with herbs and flowers (flowers with medicinal purposes, I might add), and we even have a little pet graveyard next to the swing set.

Though it’s all small, I think I like it. Sure I would rather be living on 40 acres of lush countryside, but there are hopes for that in the future.

One of our cherry tomato plants.

I have to wonder: why do we name plants, animals, etc. after other plants, animals, etc.? And that begs the questions, whih came first? The cherry or the tomato? We could have easily called the cherry a “tomato cherry”.

Speaking of food, this is a flax seed plant. It’s not very big, but it’s really interesting to see how they grow. Eat little bulb has sections, each a pocket holding a flax seed.

My mother dries our mint leaves for tea. It’s really flavorful tea, too!

Question: Do you garden, keep plants, a window box? I love the plants (and eating them), but taking care of them doesn’t hold a great interest with me. I mean, I can handle it, but it’s not on the top of my “fun things to do” list. The opposite is true for my mother though!

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One Response to The Nature Right Outside Your Door

  1. Your pictures are sooo beautiful. I absolutely love your yard; I wish mine was that pretty!

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