A Twist on the Old Favorite

I’ll let my lunch do the talking:

A BIG bowl of steamed veggies and a nut butter blackberry no-quesa Quesadilla. Like WHOA! Super yum. I got the idea from Jenny of Peanut Butter and Jenny and thought I would try it out. You are a genius, girl!

Method: I spread peanut butter on one half of a tortilla (I use brown rice by Food for Life)  and almond butter on the other, and slapped another tortilla on top with some frozen blackberries inside (you could easily use jam or jelly). Browned it on both sides in a heated pan (to crisp the tortilla a bit and thaw the blackberries in to melty oblivion). Cut up the pie into slices and eat, eat, EAT!

Super yum. The blackberry juice soaked through one of the tortillas, making a flavor filled lunch.

I like to pull the two halves apart and eat each one separately. One has a ton of nut butter, and the other has juicy blackberries. To use Jenny’s words: it was mouthgasmic.


What’s your favorite nut butter?? Or do you not like them (or are allergic?). Me: almond butter, hands down. At least, at the moment.

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3 Responses to A Twist on the Old Favorite

  1. Wow, that definitely looks “mouthgasmic!” My favorite nut butter is almond butter too!

  2. Oh VeGirl, Yes I did get the package on time. I cannot eve begin to express how much it meant to me. Obviously a blog comment is not the place to do it (I opted for this over an email, because I wanted to b 100% sure you received my thanks, and I don’t trust email). Expect a real card in the mail soon (as well as a blog shout out, of course). You are amazing!!! THANK YOU!!!! (More thanks coming soon…)

  3. That quesadilla looks soo good! I love it.

    Oh goodness, I love nut butter. Seriously, it is my favorite. I think I will always call peanut butter my favorite.

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