Today, I have nothing much inspiring to say. Really, what I’ve been up to is mostly trying to sort out what I want to accomplish this year, missing the company of rats, and quick food. I’ve watched my favorite movie, Ratatouille, three and half times in the last four days (which allows me to laugh, ponder cooking and its purpose, and harbor a heartache for my little rat friends). But it’s been good. I got a slight fever the other night. So basically, random things have been happening, none of them really deemed “blog-worthy” in my opinion. Besides, this blog is not to record and tell about my personal life, or to be obsessive about– it’s for the actions that will make a difference in the scheme of things.

Though I’ve been a bit random, thinking a lot, of late, the animals in my life never fail to provide inspiration to me, and to brighten my day. I wanted to share a few snapshots with you all. May they provide some thoughts for you to ponder, too.

I kinda wish I could be more like Ginger. She knows how to relax.

Junior, you goofball! She is from a place I volunteer with.

When we first adopted out bunnies, we realized when they sat eating in this pattern they look like an oreo cookie.

Just so you know, this is not my house, but do you see the rainbow and the rabbit? I love this picture– a wild rabbit hopping into the golden light of the sunset, straight over the rainbow. Maybe we could make that one our own aspirations.


May we bound on in life, hurdle over the rainbows in our path; bath ourselves in the golden light of life. May we bask in the warm glow that reflects off our skin, inspiring others to do the same as we. Every once in a while, we may choose to retire to the shade of a tree, shielding ourselves from the fast road, but we shalt not live our lives this fashion. Why should we? That is what night is for. When the joyful, warm aspects of living are in the sunlight, we would do best to enjoy it to the fullest, and grow to our fullest extent, saturating our skin with knowledge and compassion. We shall do just as the plants we pass in our stride. Do not huddle in the darkness. Live. And inspire others to do the same.

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