Move Over, Lady Gaga

‘Cause there’s a new hip chick in town! Or, more accurately, hip lamb. Meet Lady Baa Baa, resident at Pasado’s Safe Haven.

“Who, me?”

“Nah, I don’t use my mouth for singing. I enjoy eating!”

A little more about Lady Baa Baa: she is an orphaned lamb who, at the time of these photos, was isolated from other animals due to the fact that she was a recent resident and needed time to show if she was sick or not. Of course, being a baby, she needs lots of socialization, so volunteers and staff take her on walks! In these photos, I had taken her out to an empty pasture and let her run loose.

“On the loose!! You make me sound like a criminal! I’m really a sweetheart”


Miss Baa Baa is only one of all the amazing animals at Pasado’s. I had such a great time volunteering there on the scant days I could! I look forward to returning. Y’all be hearing about other animals at Pasado’s, too. If you’re ever in the area (or you live in the area!) consider volunteering or at least visiting– it’s a fabulous place!

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2 Responses to Move Over, Lady Gaga

  1. Love these pictures. Miss Baa Baa is adorable 🙂

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