Pasado and Pancakes

So, the good news is, I get to volunteer at a brand new sancutary. The bad news? It’s a six or so hour drive from my house and I will be absence from the blog world for a few days (becuase that’s so unusual. Not!). Over at Pasado Safe Haven, cats, dogs, and many species of farm animals reside at this rescue organization. I am tagging along with my mother (whom has business at a near location) and will have two and a half long days of workin’ on the farm while she does her own thing (you bet I bought rubber boots for shoveling poop piles). When I come back I’ll have pictures for you!! (You know your excited!)

Since we’ll be camping for two nights, all day I’ve been preparing food for my long days at the sanctuary. I went and bought some healthy and on-the-healthier-side snack bars (reviews coming once I consume them), and I have two whole tins full of pancakes. And not just any pancakes, my favorite pancakes. Ever since I published my supposed favorite breakfast post, I have been eating a TON of of these quinoa pancakes (I am so confusing and contradicting). They are so simple, so versatile, and so delicious. And I am addicted to them! It’s not really a recipe, but I’ll tell ya how I do it.

Quinoa pancake tower layered with a bean chocolate filling and banana slices

Simple Quinoa Pancakes
Gluten/wheat-free, vegan, corn-free, oil-free, whole-grain,
sugar-free (if using stevia to sweeten)

Heat a skillet that will desist sticking over medium heat. In a bowl, combine quinoa flour with baking soda (appox. 1/4 teaspoon baking soda per cup of flour). If desired, add: a pinch of salt or some seaweed powder, spices, or any other dry flavorings (such as stevia). Add water to make your desired batter consistency. If you like a thin, sort of melt in your mouth pancake, produce a thin batter. For a thicker, more bread like result, make the batter thicker. Mix in a small splash of vinegar for every cup of flour used (this reacts with the baking soda).

Pour the batter into your hot pan and cook until many bubbles/little “craters” appear. The “craters” indicate that the batter has cooked (it will be a darker shade that of the raw batter). You can flip when there is some raw batter still visible in the middle of the pancake, or when bubbles completely cover the top (mostly cooked). Flip and cook another minute or so. Repeat with the remaining batter. Enjoy these pancakes with fresh fruit, and a sweetener if desired.


  • Add dried fruit to the batter
  • Add fresh fruit to the batter (apple chunks, blueberries, ect.)
  • Use stevia in the batter for a sweet pancake
  • Use spices and flavorings (cinnamon, ginger, vanilla extract, plant extracts)
  • For a quinoa pan bread, leave out the sweetener and make a VERY thick, spreadable batter. Spread it in the pan and cook. Use as bread– make a sandwhich, or spread on some jam and nut butter. Yum!
  • For the pan bread, add savory spices if desired. Herbs, chili powder, paprika, and curry spices are all options.

Quinoa pan bread with smashed raspberries (with a touch of stevia) and almond butter.

Printable Recipe

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2 Responses to Pasado and Pancakes

  1. BitterSweet says:

    That is one seriously mouth-watering stack of pancakes! Great photos!

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