Bite for a Bullet

*This is an entry in Katie’s Magic Bullet giveaway*

This will be a quick post, so let’s jump right in, shall we? This is my Banana Split Breakfast Sundae:

It is built from chocolate hot cream of rice cereal (flavored with stevia and cocoa powder), topped with banana whipped cream (mooshed banana), raisin sprinkles, and drizzled with date syrup.


After its picture shoot, I devoured my sundae with additional raisins and ground cinnamon. Mmmm… raisins. Have I ever mentioned that I am a raisin addict? Raisins, raisins, raisins. Oooohh, I’m salivating.

My sundae in all its banana-y chocolate-y glory. And it may help me win a magic bullet!

Until next time, my friends!

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4 Responses to Bite for a Bullet

  1. OMG. Heck, I’ll give you MY Magic Bullet if you come make me one of those! 😉

  2. animalnut98 says:

    I have a magic bullet, its actually not that great… its TINY

  3. This looks yummy, I have not tried rice cereal with coco, looks great! My kid loves banana so this would be a treat for him! Thanks.

  4. caronae says:

    I’m in love. I wanted to enter the giveaway but have had not an ounce of extra time this summer. Maybe when I get home later this month. 🙂

    I love using coca powder and stevia together — it’s such a wonderful combo!

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