Apricot Love

Gee, it’s been a long time since my last post. What can I say? I’ve been living– through the laughs, depression, full schedules, movie slumps, and more. I have been thinking about you, dear blog, I promise. I’ve been writing posts in my head. But I just needed a break. And it was great.

So now I have decided to just move on with postsing– as though there was no lapse. So let us talk of apricots.

I love apricots- always have. As a child, my three favortie food groups were dairy (yogurt and cheese especially), wheat bread, and fruit. If my mother would have left me to my own devices, I would have chosen these foods for every meal! Nowadays, being gluten-free and vegan, the food focus has obviously shifted, but my heart remains loyal to fruit.

And now it’s apricot season. Oh joyous times! With my wallet at the little local farmers market (conveniently located down the street from my home), I gather a bag of apricots every week. Just today I spied a basket of overripe apricots marked down to a mere 59 cents a pound!  Needless to say, I bought quite a few and have already eaten eight. Yep, I said eight. They are perfectly soft and mushy, just how I like ’em.

I have found a few simple ways to enjoy my apricots. And as much as I want to bake some super fancy shmancy apricot cake or loaf, I am a simple girl, and enjoy simple things, such as:

Cran-apricot-apple sauce, kissed with a touch of ground clove. Heaven. How to make: steam into oblivion 1 chopped apple and 1 chopped apricot (no need to peel if you don’t mind a few bits in your sauce), and throw them into the food processor with water to pull it all together, along with a touch of ground clove and a few frozen cranberries (thawed, if possible, but the steam with soften them in any case). Eat. It. With. A. Spoon. Obviously.

Plain Jane. Like my bracelet?

Close up– yeah, I got it New York. Don’t mind the paint on my hand, either.

Not pictured: just today with my ripe apricot bounty I took the four busted open ones and whirled them (pitted, of course) with a couple spoonfuls of cocoa powder in the food processor for a instant chocolate apricot pudding! No need for sweetener or thickeners. Freeze it and it will probably be like ice cream (I bet that would be a great breakfast to the prepare night before and store in the freezer until the next morning. You could even freeze it in a container for on-the-fly mornings)!

Yup, this simple girl loveeeeee some apricots. When the market opens next week I shall buy up the whole box of overripe gems and dry them (thanks for the suggestion mom!).

PS: have you hugged-a-fruit yet?

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4 Responses to Apricot Love

  1. Moondancer says:

    I love apricots too, and congrats on the excellent deal! I would have snagged them up too. We eat a lot of fruits and vegetables in our household. Our dessert is usually some type of fruit, smoothie, or fruit pudding.

    It’s always nice to take a break from blogging, welcome back!

  2. Hahaha oh VeGirl, you are the fruit-hugging queen!

  3. She-Fit says:

    I LOVE summer for this one reason… all the amazing fruit that is in season!

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