I want YOU

Remember the yesterday (on the blog’s birthday), when I mentioned I had some new features coming to this newly one year old blog? Here they are.

Starting in July (next month) I will have a once-a-month international recipe that I have adapted to be nourishing, allergen free, and compassionate. This recipe will be adapted by me and could be from anywhere in the world, such as France, Belgium, the United States, or Turkey! The recipe could be a soup, dessert, pastry, side dish, appetizer, or anything else. It will always be a recipe specific to that area of the world, and generally traditional to that culture. The idea behind this is to take foods you never thought you eat again because of their ingredients, and make them not only suitable to your diet but also healthy! I also want to make it possible for you to eat recipes and flavors from other cultures in a way still agreeable with your diet.

Foods like croissants, foie gras, and others will undoubtedly be difficult (or plain impossible) to mimic, but I am willing to give it a try. Who knows? I may get lucky!

I have endless ideas of recipes I want to but through the vegirlanizer, but I welcome suggestions for foods that you would like to see made vegan, allergen-free, and healthier. Send me an email at contactvegirl (at) yahoo (dot) com or leave a comment in the comment sections. Specify which recipe, what culture it’s from, and what foods it should be free of. Don’t be afraid! I won’t bite and I welcome an especially difficult challenge.

Second order of business: I want your opinions on what directions future blog posts should turn. After all, you’re the one reading them! Of course, I don’t want them all to be about the same thing, and I’ll stick to the themes that the blog is based on (namely gluten-free and vegan). But what are some other subjects you would be interested in reading about? Here are some ideas I had:

  • Nature photos that I take
  • Homeschooling
  • Advice specific to teens following not so “normal” ways of living
  • Recipes and posts specifically for and about kids that are vegan and/or have food allergies
  • Travel tips
  • Animal care
  • Meeting the animals!
  • More of me (my life, stories, etc)
  • My way of eating (my meals, food philosophies, etc)

Any of these sound interesting? There are so many directions this blog can go and I
want it to be the ones that most appeal to you guys!

So: I want YOU!

I would appreciate you two (or 25?) cents about the above proposals. Thanks!

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