Happy Blog Birthday

One year ago this day, I published my first ever post on the “Adventures of VEGirl” all about fruit smoothies. Looking back, it wasn’t exactly the most inspiring or original thing I could have written about, but it marked the beginning of a new form of activism for me.

In this last year, I have grown immensely within. I have been through an eating disorder, and still struggle with similar recurring thoughts. I have gotten healthier. I have gained yet more knowledge in music, in cooking, and nutrition. Three rabbits and three degus came into my family’s life, and one rat has left it. I have also gained another year of experience as a vegan and animal activist, with new experiences being accumulated everyday.

In honor of  this anniversary, I will have some new features coming to the blog. But honestly, I’m too tired to coherently write about them now (still a bit jet lagged from NYC). Speaking of NYC and Washington DC, I have lots of exciting stories to document and travel tips to give.

(Picture brought to you from the Empire State Building)

So then, things to come (oh, me and my lists– we can never be apart):

  • Stories from NYC and DC
  • My trip to Babycakes NYC (eek!!!)
  • General GF vegan travel tips
  • Tips for surviving on guided tours (where you can’t choose where you eat)
  • Stories and advice for adults, kids, and especially teens with different dietary needs than their peers who wish they could just “eat like everyone else”.
  • New features to the blog
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